Team Edition

package repository

The only repository built for data science in the enterprise. Manage open-source packages and dependencies with a mirrored repository built by Anaconda—the birthplace of Python data science.

* Anaconda Team Edition is available directly from Anaconda only.

Data science meets the enterprise

As the newest discipline in the enterprise, data science teams can feel like they’re on an island. Keep your data science team on the same page as the rest of the organization, especially IT and DevOps, by managing open-source packages according to enterprise security standards.


Central Library

Access more than 7,500 open-source packages (Conda-Forge, CRAN, PyPI) from your central enterprise repository and add your own proprietary packages. Get Conda package updates in real time, as they are released.


Secure Pipeline

Block, exclude, and include packages according to your enterprise standards. Control which packages your team can download and who can access them. Keep vulnerabilities and unreliable software out of your data science and machine learning pipeline, and manage dependent packages with ease.


Simple Workflows

Distribute packages across user channels, and give users quicker access to the open-source software they need through caching proxies. Packages are delivered automatically to your workflow.




Your clearinghouse for build artifacts

When you mirror our repository for data science and machine learning packages onto your own infrastructure, you’re in control of the quality of artifacts your team uses in enterprise projects.

Bring the power of open-source innovation to your organization with Conda packages and metadata carefully curated by the Anaconda team.



Key Features

  • CVE reporting
  • User access control
  • Organized, searchable package metadata
  • Mirror on-prem or in the cloud
  • Block and safelist packages
  • Administer and track artifact history
  • Compliant for commercial use according to the Anaconda Terms of Service



There's a Team Edition package that's right for your data science organization





Grow with us

Join our Strategic Adopter program when you become a Team Edition customer. Give us your feedback and help guide future developments in exchange for preferential pricing. Contact sales to learn more.



Store and distribute

  • Easily distribute any Python/R binary artifacts to end users, package managers, and CI servers
  • Retrieve and store artifacts and their dependencies throughout the development lifecycle
  • Centralize access to packages: mirror external packages and share internal packages to increase productivity and optimize resources
  • Upload your own custom-built packages
  • Supports many binary artifact types (Conda, CRAN, and PyPI)
  • REST APIs with full SwaggerUI Docs or CLI tool




View reports and monitor

  • Platform reporting and monitoring
  • Bug fixes and security-sensitive releases
  • Integration with package libraries for CVE reports





Search and filter

  • Search package metadata
  • Designed with audit trail and package history in mind
  • Add your own metadata to each artifact



But isn’t open-source software safe on its own?

Generally, yes. Open-source software has more eyes on it, and it is more transparent than proprietary software. However, like all software, it still has vulnerabilities. Without constant monitoring and proper management, vulnerabilities are likely to creep in over time. Learn more in our Enterprise Guide to a Secure Data Science Pipeline.