Reload code changes instantly

JRebel fast tracks Java application development by skipping the time consuming build and redeploy steps in the development process. JRebel makes developers more productive since they can view code changes in real time.

Stop redeploying and keep developing!

Would you rather be waiting…

…or coding?

Stop redeploying and keep developing!

  • Real-time change visibility
    View the results of iterative code and resource changes to a Java application in real-time. Faster is better!
  • Streamlined development process
    Developers keep their tempo and focus by eliminating the downtime normally spent waiting for application build and redeploy. No more interrupt driven development!
  • Maintains application state
    Avoid the time spent reproducing the pre-change application state after a redeploy. Get right back to where you started!
  • Measurable ROI
    Reduce unexpected overtime and unbudgeted expenses. Saves hours of developer time each month. ROI can be achieved in days or weeks!

  • Develop more – Restart less
    Automatically reload more code and resource changes than any other solution.
  • Deep integration with 100+ frameworks
    Reinitializes the configuration of these frameworks, automatically rewires components and rebuilds caches on the fly to prevent even more redeploys.
  • Real-time insight
    Instantly see which code, resource or UI changes work and which do not. Batching changes are a thing of the past.

  • JavaEE
    Integrates with Java EE containers to reload EJBs instantly without manual intervention.
  • Debuggers
    Update code and resources without interfering with normal debugger usage.
  • Supported technologies
    Works out of the box with all popular IDEs, application servers, VMs and build tools.
  • Do more development, faster
    Stop waiting for build and deploy to make code changes. Write code and refresh your browser, done. Works with all Java applications. Desktop, web, services, and enterprise. Reload changes on local servers, remote servers and in the cloud.
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Remote and virtual server support


With JRebel you can develop as fast and easily on virtual machines, remote servers and cloud environments as you do locally.

JRebel forwards the changed classes and resources to any remote server, reloading them instantly. No need to repackage your application, transfer it and then go through the entire restart/redeploy process on the remote server.

All virtualization technologies including VMware, VirtualBox, Vagrant and Docker are fully supported.


Application Servers Tomcat, JBoss EAP, Wildfly, Jetty, WebLogic, WebSphere, GlassFish, OSGi, and more
Frameworks Spring, Java EE, Hibernate, Struts, Wicket, GWT, Grails, LifeRay, Hybris, and 100 + more
IDEs Eclipse, IntelliJ, NetBeans, STS, RAD, and MyEclipse
JVM Languages Java, Groovy, Kotlin, Scala, JRuby, and Clojure

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