Real-time performance metrics for local development

XRebel provides real-time feedback on application performance in local development to find and fix bugs faster.

Validate code changes in real time

The in-browser widget provides moment-by-moment developer-tailored reports to understand the performance impacts of code changes quickly and easily.


Follow requests through different threads, applications and JVMs.

Built for everybody

Useful for experts and junior developers alike.

Actionable data

Method-level drilldowns for pinpointing performance issues.

Rapid feedback

Continuous performance tuning for better code quality.

Key features

XRebel compared to profilers and APMs

Made for developers
Easy data analysis
Rapid feedback to fix issues during dev cycle
Focused results based on profiling single (web) application
Memory profiling
Used on production environments
Requires expertise to setup and use

Application profiling

Track the time spent on each request. Find slow methods and make them run faster.

Messages and jobs

Monitor messages and background jobs. Fix resource hogs.

Database and NoSQL

Get insight into database activity. Spot methods that query too much.


Discover hidden exceptions. Follow the stack trace and fix the problems.

Web services and RMI

Get a detailed overview of invocations executed. Detect slow calls.


Find relevant info without digging. View only the logs emitted during requests.

XRebel Features

The Standalone UI

Making Web Services development a first class experience.

The Standalone UI gives you ultimate visibility into your headless apps. Request details, IO activity, logs, exceptions and more are available right in the browser. Learn more fromXRebel Local with Web Service

Understand App Performance

Make sense of the application structure and the layers involved in the execution.

It’s not about chasing milliseconds. XRebel reveals the most time-consuming methods in relation to the entire request.

Explore SQL and NoSQL IO

Find methods that pester your database too much.

Check your MongoDB, Cassandra, HBase and Neo4j queries. Get visibility into how JPA queries relate to the JDBC invocations. The full query is formatted for ultimate readability.

Get rid of web service bottlenecks

With a hierarchical overview of the executed HTTP invocations.

Inspect web service calls for REST, SOAP, XML-RPC and even plain old HttpURLConnection. Get notified when an application has slow HTTP requests, based on configurable thresholds.

XRebel Local with Web Service

Effortless debug logging

Get relevant information without digging through logs.

Logs appear in the XRebel toolbar with your requests. View logged objects in an expandable object tree. Works with arrays, collections and maps.

Track down hidden exceptions

The exceptions view reverses your stacktraces to show buried exceptions.

Find the source of exceptions occurring anywhere from bad IO to outside of the application context.

Microservices and Single Page Apps

We care about the end-to-end experience.

Inspect distributed Java apps in a single view – even if you have a split frontend and backend.


Supported Browsers

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