PICTools Fingerprint



PICTools Fingerprint 画像処理テクノロジーで高度なセキュリティアプリケーションが作成できます。FBI は、PICTools Fingerprint が NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) レビューの結果に基づいた WSQ Gray-Scale Fingerprint Image Compression Specification で正確に要求に一致していることを保証しています。

PICTools テクノロジーは、32-bit / 64-bit Windows、32-bit / 64-bit Linux、32-bit / 64-bit Solaris SPARC、32-bit / 64-bit Solaris x86、AIX、などを含むマルチ プラットフォームに対応します。

主な機能: セキュリティ アプリケーション エンハンスメント
ハイパフォーマンスなC ライブラリ
対応する開発環境: Windows


テクニカル ノート

  • プログラミング環境: C/C++
  • サンプルコードを含みます
  • シングル ファイル実行ファイルの作成が可能な圧縮 OPCODE DLL を結合したスタティックおよび共有ディスパッチャー ライブラリ
  • 限られたリソース環境で特別な安定性とハイスピードを提供
  • マルチスレッド アプリケーションで利用可能 ( 詳細 )

PICTools アーキテクシャー

  • Includes a shared library that loads operation specific libraries called opcodes for modular, discrete functionality
  • Modular opcode design allows application developers to deploy only the opcode needed for the desired imaging functionality
  • Supports rapid portability and processor-specific speed optimizations on additional platforms
  • PICTools is licensed per opcode used.

Multi-Platform Support

  • Achieves maximum code speed through algorithm and machine code optimizations
  • Optimized for several chip instruction sets, including Intel MMX, PIII, PIV, and IBM PowerPC
  • The underlying architecture of PICTools allows desired imaging functionality to be efficiently ported to any requested operating system with common interface and operating convention.
  • Delivers support across multiple environments including:
    • 32-bit & 64-bit Windows
    • 32-bit & 64-bit Solaris SPARC
    • 32-bit & 64-bit Solaris x86
    • 32-bit & 64-bit Linux
    • AIX
    • MAC OS X



  • WSQ - Wavelet Scalar Quantization
    • Reduces file size varies based on compression technology used.

      The benefit of WSQ fingerprint-specific compression is reduced file size. A sample fingerprint with a resolution of 589 pixels by 605 pixels, 8-bit grayscale results in a file size of 325 KB when compressed with the standard lossless compression technology LZW. When compressed with lossy JPEG the file size is 108 KB. When compressed with PICTools, the file size is 28 KB. This is a space savings of greater than 11X over lossless compression, and almost 4X over JPEG when targeting consistent quality settings.

  • JPEG (Sequential) : 24-bit RGB, 2 to 8-bit grayscale
    • Patented technology for enhanced JPEG decompression will remove block artifacts from over-compressed JPEG images without blurring
  • IPTC metadata support within JPEG
  • JPEG-LS : 24-bit RGB, 2 to 16-bit grayscale
    • Provide excellent lossless or near-lossless compression performance over a broad range of images
    • Programmatically set compression for lossless or near lossless, and point transform
    • Compress and decompress single component 2 to 16-bit grayscale images
    • Compress and decompress multiple component 24-bit (RGB) images
    • Compress and decompress 24-bit (RGB) images in any of three modes: Non-interleaved, line-interleaved, or sample-interleaved
    • Encode/decode application (APP), Comment (COM), and Restart (DRI, RST) Markers
    • Supports image cropping
    • Strictly adheres to the JPEG-LS specification
  • Lossless JPEG : 24-bit RGB, 2 to 8-bit grayscale
  • PCX
  • TGA
  • TIFF
  • BMP
  • DCX
  • GIF / LZW
  • HD Photo (JPEG XR) - HDP, WDP
    • Offers higher image quality, greater preservation of data and advanced features for today's digital imaging applications
    • A still image compression algorithm for continuous tone image data and features lossy, as well as lossless, compression, multiple color spaces, a wide dynamic range, and extensive metadata support
    • Implementation in PICTools is 40% to 60% faster than Microsoft's shipping HD Photo DPK


  • Delivers buffer to buffer image processing for maximum flexibility
  • Includes the high-performance API (Application Programmers Interface) offers total control of image processing functions


Apollo 圧縮デモ

This Windows application allows you to read a variety of image formats including Bitmap, JPEG, JPEG 2000, JPEG XR, Lossless JPEG, JPEG-LS, RAW and Camera RAW images. Apollo users can configure compression options to immediately see the results including compression ratio, compression speed and expansion speed. Want to know how fast or how small PICTools can compress your images? Stop wondering, download Apollo today and see for yourself.

Download Demo