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よくある質問 (FAQ)

DS-5 とは何ですか?

DS-5 is a suite of tools to develop software for any Arm based device. The tools include DS-5 Eclipse based IDE, DS-5 Debugger, Arm Compilers, FVP simulation models and Streamline performance analysis tool.

FVP とは何ですか?

FVP stands for Fixed Virtual Platform. It is a virtual development platform that you can use to start bare metal and Linux software development without the need for a hardware target. The FVPs are stand-alone executables and some FVPs are available as part of DS-5.

どの FVP が DS-5 の一部として利用可能ですか?

The FVPs available for use with with DS-5 depends on the edition.

  • Community Edition - Single-Core Cortex-A9 and Armv8-A Foundation Model
  • Professional Edition - Cortex-M3, Cortex-R4, Cortex-A9x1, Cortex-A9x4 and Armv8-A Foundation Model
  • Ultimate Edition - Cortex-M0, Cortex-M0plus, Cortex-M3, Cortex-M4, Cortex-M7, Cortex-R4, Cortex-R5, Cortex-R7, Cortex-R8, Cortex-A5, Cortex-A7, Cortex-A9, Cortex-A15, Cortex-A17, Cortex-A32, Cortex-A35, Cortex-A53, Cortex-A57, Cortex-A72, Cortex-A73, Cortex-A15x4-A7x4, Cortex-A57x2-A53x4, Cortex-A72x2-A53x4, Cortex-A73x2-A53x4 and Armv8-A Foundation Model
Arm ではその他の FVP を提供していますか?

Yes. You can find the list here. You can buy them separately and then import to DS-5 by following the importing models to DS-5 tutorial.

Streamline 関連の FAQ はこちらをご覧ください。


DS-5 Development Studio: 最新バージョン! 5.29 - 2018年 6月 27日

5.29 の新機能:

  • Arm Compiler:
    • Cortex-A76 および Cortex-M35P のサポートを追加

  • DS-5 Debugger:
    • 新しいプロセッサー IP のサポートを追加
    • CoreSight ELA-600 Embedded Logic Analyzer をサポート
    • Arm Debug Interface version 6 (ADIv6) のサポートを追加
    • サードパーティ製のデバッグ プローブの統合サポート
    • 新しいデバイスのサポートを追加

  • Arm Streamline Performance Analyzer:
    • Cortex-A76、Mali-G76、Mali-G52、Mali-G31 のサポートを追加
    • キャプチャを比較、マージする機能を追加。最適化による性能向上を確認しやすくなりました
    • トレース中に取得するハードウェアイベントを選択、追加する機能を追加
    • 非ルート時にも取得できる情報を拡大

  • Mali Graphics Debugger (MGD):
    • OpenGL ES 3.2 のサポートを追加
    • トレースをターゲット上で再生するために自動でアップロードする機能を追加
DS-5 Development Studio:5.28.1 - 2018年 1月 17日

5.28.1 の新機能:

  • Increased the number of devices that can be addressed by DS-5 and DSTREAM in a single debug session
    • DSTREAM: Support for up to 254 CoreSight devices (including up to 128 CPUs)
    • DSTREAM-ST: Support for up to 1022 CoreSight devices (including CPUs)
  • Streamline support for profiling Midgard GPUs with driver r21p0 and later
  • Streamline support for profiling Bifrost GPUs with driver r9p0 and later
DS-5 Development Studio: 5.28 - 2017年 11月 28日

5.28 の新機能:

  • Updated Arm Compiler 6 to version 6.9 and Arm Compiler 5 to version 5.06u6, adding support for latest processors, optimizations and bug fixes
  • Added support for debugging systems implementing Armv8.4-A extensions
  • Added Operating System awareness for Wind River VxWorks on Armv7 and Armv8 architecture devices
  • Streamline bare-metal support to import instruction trace, and trace data transport over ETM
  • Updated Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs) to version 11.2
DS-5 Development Studio: 5.27.1 - 2017年 6月 12日

5.27.1 の新機能:

  • Updated ARM Compiler 6 to version 6.7.1, adding support for Cortex-A75 and Cortex-A55 processors
  • Added Cortex-A75x1, Cortex-A55x1 and Cortex-A75x2/Cortex-A55x4 FVPs
  • Added debug support for Cortex-A75 and Cortex-A55, including examples
  • Streamline support for Cortex-A55, Cortex-A75 and Mali-G72
  • Streamline bare-metal tracing over ITM interface, including support for M-class processors and DWT based counters
DS-5 Development Studio: 5.27 - 2017年 5月 2日

5.27 の新機能:

  • Updated ARM Compiler 6 to version 6.7 and ARM Compiler 5 to version 5.06u5, adding support for latest processors, optimizations and bug fixes
  • Added support for DSTREAM-ST debug probe
  • Non-rooted systems are now supported in Streamline
  • Updated Fixed Virtual Platforms (FVPs) to version 10.3
  • User scripting has been added allowing automation and customization of Mali Graphics Debugger

For more information see: Key Changes in DS-5 v5.27

DS-5 Development Studio: 5.26.2 - 2016年 12月 14日

5.26.2 の新機能:

  • Includes Japanese translation bundles for DS-5.26.0

For more information see: Key Changes in DS-5 Debugger v5.26

DS-5 Development Studio: 5.26 - 2016年 11月 29日

5.26 の新機能:

  • Cortex-M23, Cortex-M33 and Cortex-R52 support.
  • Mali-G71 support.
  • Improved MMU handling during debug of Linux startup code.
  • Added CMM script import support.
  • Streamline now supports baremetal targets.
  • Extended Vulkan support in Mali Graphics Debugger.

For more information see: Key Changes in DS-5 Debugger v5.26

DS-5 Development Studio: 5.25 - 2016年 7月 29日

5.25 の新機能:

  • Additional core support.
  • Additional Fixed Virtual Platforms.
  • DS-5 support for the ARM Embedded Logic Analyzer has been extended by using DS-5 Use-Case Scripts.
  • Support for managing and configuring the CoreSight Cross-Trigger Network in a SoC has been enhanced, making it easier to create complex, custom cross-trigger behavior.
  • The Stack View has been extended to display details of function parameters and local variables.
  • Overlay support for Cortex-R enables efficient use of restricted memory footprints in small embedded ARM designs.
  • DS-5 v5.25 includes the Mali Graphics Debugger.

For more information see: Key Changes in DS-5 Debugger v5.25

DS-5 Development Studio: 5.24.1 - 2016年 7月 29日

5.24.1 の新機能:

  • Added support for Cortex-A73 in DS-5 debugger and in the simulation models
  • New DSTREAM firmware version 4.27.0 containing fixes to support ARMv8-M cores.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.
DS-5 Development Studio: 5.24 - 2016年 4月 1日

5.24 の新機能:

  • Substantial changes to the graphical user interface, for improved performance and usability.
  • Added support for Cortex-A35, Cortex-A32 and Cortex-R8.
  • Initial debug support for ARMv8-M and ARMv8-R architectures.
  • New devices support (see release note).
  • New examples and other improvements.
DS-5 Development Studio: 5.23.1 - 2015年 12月 16日

5.23.1 の新機能:

Major changes in ARM Streamline Performance Analyzer:

  • Added support for Cortex-A35 and Tizen OS.
  • Improved UI responsiveness
  • A version of gatord compiled for ARMv8 is now included in the distribution.
  • Improved the efficiency of user-space annotations.

Major changes in DS-5 Debugger:

  • New examples and other improvements.
DS-5 Development Studio: 5.23 - 2015年 11月 18日

5.23 の新機能:

  • ARM Compiler updated to version 6.3 and 5.06u1 for latest improvements and bug fixes
  • Streamline is moved out of Eclipse for DS-5 into a separate application
  • added support for Live chart editing (including expressions), cross section marker, and bookmarks
  • UI navigation performance improvements
  • Added OS awareness for eForce μC3/Compact and μC3/Standard in DS-5 Debugger
  • substantial improvements have been made to the refresh performance of the Registers,Variables and Expressions views
  • support for ARM v8.1 Extensions
  • more improvements and new examples (see Release Note)