dtSearch Network - More Info

In addition to all of the features of dtSearch Desktop with the dtSearch Spider, convenient network features include:

  • The ability to provide different users with access to different sets of continually updated data.
  • Concurrent indexing and searching using multiple shared index libraries.
  • Integration with the Windows Task Scheduler, for scheduling index updates, etc.
  • Options packages for conveniently using and sharing dtSearch settings on a network (see screen shot, above).
  • Support for heterogeneous language environments for international organizations and other mixed-language network users (including Unicode support).
  • UNC support.
  • Numerous index management functions.
  • Shared capabilities such as for macros and shared synonym rings in the user thesaurus.
  • Optional file segmentation for the treatment of long text files as multiple logical subdocuments, for older legacy data or other long text files such as logs.
  • Optional sharing of indexes with dtSearch Web and dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine.