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dtSearch Publish is an easy "point and click" solution for publishing documents on CD, DVD or equivalent media. dtSearch Publish can also mirror an existing Web site on CD/DVD. With the "Web Combo Pack," dtSearch Publish allows for publishing simultaneously a wide range of documents with advanced searching on CD/DVD and the Internet/Intranet.

How dtSearch Publish Setup Works

With dtSearch Publish, a CD/DVD wizard sets up a browser-based user interface that runs dtSearch Web from a Web server (Apache) that the wizard installs on the CD/DVD. Creation of the CD/DVD master — including dtSearch Web, the document collection, and associated search indexes — is "point and click" easy, requiring absolutely no programming. Documents can be in multiple formats: HTML, PDF, XML, word processor, database, spreadsheet, ZIP, Unicode, etc.


What dtSearch Publish Looks Like to the CD/DVD User

For the end-user, accessing the resulting CD/DVD containing dtSearch Web and the document set involves simply inserting the CD/DVD into a drive. The only software that the end-user needs to access the CD/DVD is a Web browser. And the installation process itself installs absolutely nothing on the user’s hard drive!

When the user does a search, the user's browser sends a request to the CD/DVD just like any other Web server. The CD/DVD displays retrieved documents with multiple browser-based hit and file navigation options, just like dtSearch Web:

  • PDF and HTML support includes highlighted hits as well as display of embedded images and links.
  • XML support includes hit-highlighted indexed searching using the full range of dtSearch features across an entire XML database, or limited to a highly specific combination of fields or sub-fields.
  • Support for other database, word processor, spreadsheet, and ZIP file formats includes "on-the-fly" conversion to HTML, with highlighted hits.
  • Supports searching of OCR'ed files in PDF format, including full images with "hidden text" hit highlighting.

See dtSearch Web for more information.

"Web Combo Pack" Option

dtSearch Publish is a stand-alone solution for publishing documents on CD/DVD. dtSearch Web runs on an Internet/Intranet site. The "Web Combo Pack" offers both dtSearch Publish and dtSearch Web, allowing for quick publication of the same document collection on the Internet/Intranet and on CD/DVD.

Technical Note

Both dtSearch Publish and dtSearch Web include setup wizards, making them easy for non-programmers to use. For programmers, the dtSearch Text Retrieval Engine also includes sample source code to these products, as well as access to the full dtSearch Engine’s programming APIs. See dtSearch Engine for information.

Quick Start

Click here for dtSearch Publish support article.

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