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技術的なお問い合わせについては、メール サポートで受け付けております。


製品内から問題に対するメールを簡単に送ることができます。ヘルプ ボタンをクリックしてから、 テクニカル サポート をクリックしてください。診断情報を含む自動メッセージが表示されます。メールをクリックしてお客様のメール クライアントからメッセージを送ることができます。



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Solid Documents 製品のライセンス規約 (英文) は、こちらからご確認ください。




In order to protect your investment, we allow you to upgrade free of charge to our latest major release if you have purchased the product within 90 days of the release of the latest version. For example, if you purchased version 7 and we release version 8 within 90 days you get version 8 for free. Outside of the three-month window, you must pay the upgrade price to receive access to major product upgrades containing new features and enhancements.

We also provide maintenance releases of our software at no cost to you. Maintenance releases are "." releases (for example, 1.2, 7.1). These updates are free regardless of when you purchased our software. For example, if you own version 7 then all maintenance releases for that version are free (7.1, 7.2).


Upgrades and other special offers are availabe to existing Solid Documents customers. To purchase an upgrade or special offer, visit the Special Offers page. Enter the e-mail address you used when you purchased the software. The system will check to make sure you are a current Solid Documents customer. After purchase, we will send you an unlock code which you will need to enter the first time you use the software.

You can receive the upgraded version of the product by clicking the Download link for the product you purchased. You must use your new unlock code to unlock it. If you have already unlocked the product, you shouldn’t have to unlock it again after upgrade since the data is stored in the system.


Solid Documents の輸出管理分類番号 (ECCN)、ライセンス情報、および対応する US 関税法に準拠した統一関税表 (HTSUS) は、こちらからご確認ください。