Android SDK V1.4

24th November 2016

In this release we decided to focus on adding some of the missing functionality that can be found in our iOS counterpart. More improvements are yet to come!

New Features

  • Extended Marker functionality has been added.
  • Automatic Cropping has been added.
  • New API License Keys are being introduced with this release. Please check Development License Keys page for new license keys to use whilst trialling the SDK.


  • The library is now released as a .AAR file, to match the wider Android community
  • Added method to return application context from ARActivity.
  • Added method for returning the Asset Manager to ARRender.
  • Added methods: getNumberOfIndicies, setVertexBuffer,getVertexDataStride to ARMeshNode.
  • Added methods: getSrcHeight and getSrcWidth to ARExtractedCameraTexture.
  • Added methods: init, initWithPackagedFile, initFromPath to ARVideoNode and ARAlphaVideoNode.
  • Altered how singletons are initialised, so that initialise doesn’t need to be called when you first get an instance of your class. e.g. ArbiTrackerManager.getInstance().initialise() -> ArbiTrackerManager.getInstance().

Bug Fixes

  • Various stability fixes.