iOS SDK V1.5.1 / V1.5

13th March 2017

New Features

  • Added ARCMMotionManager singleton. It is a wrapper that returns a CMMotionManager instance that should be used if a user wants access to the gyro within the app. This is to adhere to Apple’s recommendation of only having a single CMMotionManager object per app. ARGyroManager has been updated to reflect this change.


  • ARGPSManager and ARGPSNode have been removed from the framework and shared as open source classes on GitHub.


  • Extensive update to the documentation of the whole framework.
  • Added isEqual: methods to ARVector3, ARMatrix4 and ARQuaternion.
  • Added a deinitialise for ARGyroPlaceManager.

Bug Fixes

  • ARGyroPlaceManager should now correctly infer the centre of the screen on iPhones and no longer be off centre horizontally.