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Hardware IP and software library for next-generation devices


3/1/2018: XLsoft Partnership with Kudan - AR SDK (Read Press Release)

Kudan AR SDK


Kudan provides professional AR SDK to develop compelling applications for mobile devices.
Kudan AR SDK is chosen by professional developers looking for an all-in-one SDK that can support marker or markerless tracking and location requirements.
This high speed SDK with small data size and footprint is compatible with iOS and Android as well as providing Unity plugins. It does not require the latest mobile devices due to the hardware agnostic algorithm.

Kudan also offers CV SDK, which is a tracking feature without rendering.

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About Kudan

Kudan is a professional technology lab researching / engineering Computer Vision algorithms. Headquartered in Tokyo, Kudan has technology center in Bristol, UK, with sales and support covering the global market.

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About KudanSLAM

SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) is one of the most important technologies for devices to understand spatial and cubic and is essential for visual sensing, navigation, mapping, and recognition by using images taken by cameras. KudanSLAM is the only algorithm that is hardware agnostic and supports low-end hardware (monocular camera, mobile processor), integration with other sensors and peripheral (depth sensors, stereo cameras, etc.), and prosssor embedding.

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