The Complete PDF SDK

Bring accurate PDF viewing, annotating, editing, creation, and generation to any web, mobile, desktop or server framework or application. Own the full document and data lifecycle by deploying on your own infrastructure without worrying about third-party server dependencies.

Why PDFTron?


Scale easily without any server-side dependencies like Microsoft Office or LibreOffice for rendering, conversion, or editing PDFs, Microsoft Office, images, videos, and HTML


Built in-house without reliance on any open-source technologies, providing you the most accurate rendering at any zoom level


Complete control over document workflow by deploying on your own infrastructure without data ever leaving your platform


PDFTron's team of experienced SDK developers help you get up to speed with PDFTron, set up the solution as part of the unlimited trial for as long as you need, and answer any questions

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.NET Core

Client-side and Server-side

Users can annotate, collaborate, fill forms, sign PDFs entirely client-side with an open-source UI driven by customer feedback. Perform the same functionality programmatically client-side or server-side.

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PDF SDK Features

Viewing and Editing

Bring your users secure, scalable and high-fidelity viewing and precision editing capabilities for PDF and other electronic documents across web, mobile, and desktop platforms.

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Annotation and Collaboration

Empower your users with real-time collaboration support for markup, comment, measurement, and countless other custom annotations. Add custom workflows and approval logic with annotation statuses.

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Create custom signing workflows, including placing signature fields, assigning signers and collecting signatures. Certify, validate, and seal digitally signed documents.

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Page Manipulation

Insert, remove, or rearrange pages. Assemble, merge, or split documents directly in the browser. View multiple documents in the same viewer or side by side.

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Form Fill, Edit, and Create

Users fill, edit, or create new forms themselves, or prepopulate data from any existing source into forms stored on any storage provider, such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and others.

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True Redaction

Search for and permanently remove sensitive information from documents, such as personally identifiable information or protected health information while keeping documents searchable.

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Template Generation

Generate documents by populating PDF, DOCX, PPTX, XLSX, or HTML templates with data from existing data storage.

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Measurement Tools

Define a document’s scale and measure distance, area, and perimeter. Use snap-to control points for maximum precision.

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PDF/A Library

Convert PDF and any other file formats into ISO-compliant PDF/A documents supporting various levels of compliance, including VeraPDF validations and to generate ZUGFeRD electronic invoices.

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