Powerful enterprise solutions for PDF conversion and manipulation

ActivePDF provides flexible, cost-effective solutions that solve common PDF document management dilemmas. Whether you are an enterprise looking to deploy centralized PDF creation, a small business looking for a low-cost solution for PDF conversion, or a developer looking to programmatically generate and manipulate PDF files, we offer a solution that is right for you.

High Volume Document Conversion Server

  • Convert Files to PDF and PDF/A
  • Convert PDFs to Editable Formats
  • Network Folder and API Interfaces

Network PDF Printer

  • Server-based Processing
  • Client-side Print Driver
  • Centralized Administration

Powerful PDF Manipulation

  • Feature-rich APIs for PDF Automation
  • Dynamic PDF Form Processing
  • Stamp, Stitch, Encrypt, Bookmark, and More

Add Print to PDF to Your Application

  • High Volume PDF Generation
  • COM and .NET APIs
  • Generate PDF, PDF/A or PDF/X

HTML to PDF Conversion Engine

  • Server-based
  • High Fidelity Output
  • COM and .NET APIs

Automate CAD to PDF

  • Transform DWG to PDF/PDF-A
  • Text, Line weight, color, etc as geometry
  • Export layouts, Exact Extents, Flate Compression

Extract content from PDF

  • Extract text by file or page
  • Export results to file or array
  • Extend functionality of Toolkit for automation

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