iSpring Suite 11

Ultrafast toolkit to create
eLearning, mobile learning, video-based learning, assessments, microlearning, software tutorials, scenario-based courses

Discover how fast and easy eLearning course creation can be with iSpring Suite.

For Windows 11/10/8/7 32- and 64-bit   Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, Office 365 support

If you know PowerPoint, you know iSpring

Course creation is fast and easy when you work in a familiar PowerPoint environment.
Turn your presentations into eLearning courses and upload them to your LMS.



Do more with these 12 powerful iSpring Suite features

Save time, effort, and money. Develop interactive courses, assessments,
video tutorials, and role-plays with a single toolkit.



Convert your PowerPoint presentations into online mobile-ready courses.


Combine your video with slides in your courses easily.


Present your content in a more engaging way with 14 interactive templates.


Build quizzes with 14 question templates, branching, and flexible scoring.

Video editor

Trim and merge your videos and add titles, transitions, music, and graphics.


Quickly record screencasts with voiceovers or webcam video.


Create scenario-based conversations to boost communication skills.


Create professional voice-overs and localize courses in 42 languages.


Use ready-made templates and images to build courses in a few clicks.


Any course you make with iSpring will play on all devices seamlessly.

collaboration tool

Collect feedback and share content all in the iSpring cloud.

Extensive LMS

iSpring courses work great in any LMS that supports SCORM/AICC/xAPI/cmi5.



Turn presentations into online courses

You can create online courses from your PowerPoint, Word, and PDF files in a few clicks. Just open your file, click Publish, and your course is ready to go.

PowerPoint to SCORM

With iSpring, you can make professional looking eLearning content with no training. Simply convert your slides into SCORM/xAPI courses or build them from scratch the same way you create presentations.

Word and PDF docs to eBooks

Turn your Word, PPT, and PDF files into interactive e-books with a pageflip effect. Publish them to SCORM or xAPI and track what learners are reading and how far they have progressed.


Create video lectures

Make your presentations spring to life by combining video with PowerPoint slides. Your learners can change the relative proportions of the slide and video to focus on what matters most.

Build interactive assessments

Quiz creation is a breeze with 14 ready-made question templates. Create assessments with videos, drag-and-drops, branching, flexible scoring, and customizable testing rules.

Record screencasts and software tutorials

With iSpring Suite, you can create high-quality screencasts: capture all or part of your screen, spotlight mouse actions, add shortcuts, and include visual hints for each step.

Create interactive role-plays

Design real-life scenarios to bolster your team’s communication skills. Create branching scenarios, add voice-overs, and use built-in characters and locations to make conversations truly authentic.

Add eLearning interactions

Visualize your content with iSpring eLearning interactions. Use 14 ready-made templates to create diagrams, timelines, glossaries, catalogs, FAQs, and more.

Content Library

89,000+ royalty-free course templates, characters,
locations, icons, and buttons — everything you need
is right in your iSpring Suite.


ready-made eLearning assets

hand-drawn characters and locations

Navigate your learners through any workplace scenario by adding beautiful characters and backgrounds, drawn by professional artists. Make your course feel like an immersive game!


slide templates

Quickly put together a professional-looking course with eLearning slide templates. Just select slides that fit your learning scenario, add texts and images, and the course is ready!


character photos

Add characters of different professions, ages, and ethnicities to create unique content. Select from a variety of poses and facial expressions to find the best match for every scene.



icons and objects

Select from 2,500+ backgrounds: airports, banks, offices, hospitals, classrooms, etc. - any location you need for your course.

Add ready-to-use icons, photos of gadgets, furniture, and office supplies to turn your course into an engaging story.




Give your course a unique look and feel

Incorporate your brand identity using your brand color palette, fonts, and control buttons. Or create something entirely new by redesigning the course player any way you like. Make customization a breeze with a collection of ready-made player themes.



iSpring works perfectly with 150+ popular LMSs

iSpring Suite will be a perfect match for any LMS as it supports SCORM, xAPI, cmi5, and AICC standards. Our tech geeks have thoroughly tested 150+ LMSs to ensure they are 100% compatible with iSpring content.

SCORM 1.2 SCORM 2004 xAPI cmi5 AICC
iSpring supported LMSs


iSpring content looks great on any device

iSpring Suite player automatically adapts to every screen. Your courses will display beautifully on any device and platform: PCs, Macs, tablets, and phones with iOS or Android.

iSpring Content



Work together to get your project done faster


Review content in real time and collect feedback

Invite your team to review your courses and perfect them together. Just upload your course to iSpring Space, send a link to those involved, and receive their feedback instantly.



Share your courses in the iSpring cloud

Your iSpring content is always at hand. Store all your courses securely in iSpring Space and share them with your learners via a link.

You can also embed your courses directly in your website or blog.


iSpring Suite Features

Everything you need to create interactive mobile‑friendly eLearning

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Easy eLearning authoring in PowerPoint

iSpring Suite is a fast and user‑friendly eLearning toolkit that builds into your PowerPoint. With iSpring Suite, you can easily create a course, record narration, put together a quiz, and publish the course online — even with no experience in eLearning development.

Reuse any of your existing PowerPoint presentations or create a course from scratch

For quick course design, build a course brick by brick from ready-to-go slide templates

Use characters from the Library to make your content more relatable

There are over 200 characters in the Library, with a variety of emotions and poses

For a more immersive learning experience, take advantage of over 900 different locations

Create and synchronize narrations with the slides quickly, right within PowerPoint

Select from 2,800 ready-to-use icons to visualize important information

Perfect support of PowerPoint effects

iSpring Suite keeps all transitions, hyperlinks, buttons, styles, SmartArt objects, and 167 animations intact. The output course looks exactly like the original PPT presentation.

Learn more

Video and audio narrations

With iSpring’s Narration Editor, you can record audio or video narration and synchronize it with the slides. Cut out unnecessary fragments, remove noise, or adjust the volume — all in one place.

Learn more

Course templates

iSpring Suite Max offers 2,300+ ready-made slide templates that you can use to put your course together quickly. Simply select a title slide, a table of contents, a timeline, or anything else from Content Library and add your content. Template colors can be adjusted to match your branding.

Learn more


iSpring Suite Max features 81,000+ photos of characters of different ages, ethnic groups, and professions. Each eLearning avatar has an incredible range of emotions, facial expressions, and poses to match your course scenario.

Learn more

Realistic locations

Make your courses more relatable by using high-quality images of offices, hospitals, banks, classrooms, shops, and more. iSpring Suite includes 2,500+ beautiful locations for any training scenario, plus realistic objects (stationery, devices, and interior objects).

Learn more

Icons and buttons

To make your course design appealing and cohesive, use 3,600+ icons. Checkboxes, radio buttons, indicators, sliders, symbols, and other images go together with each other perfectly, to make sure your content looks smart and polished.

Learn more

Cowork with your team on courses

iSpring Space is a perfect place for teamwork and collaboration. You can create your course and other authors from your team will be able to edit texts, add knowledge checks, or polish the look and feel.

You can build courses right in your browser - you only need an Internet connection to work on your project

Create a course in iSpring Space, so your co-creators can do their part of the work, such as applying corporate style

Receive comments from SMEs and stakeholders and reply to them in real-time

Authoring tool for microcourses

You only need an Internet connection to build a course. Simply type in texts, add images and videos, create knowledge checks, and your microlearning course is ready. You can publish it to SCORM or xAPI for your LMS.


You don’t have to work alone on a course! To finish it faster, just upload your project to iSpring Space and send a link to your team members. They can review content, add tests or role-plays, edit videos, or supply imagery.

Fast approval

You can finally ditch those extra copies of your course you had to send to stakeholders to get their buy-in. Just send them a link and they’ll be able to view your project in a browser and leave comments.


Quizzes for training and assessment

Evaluate learners’ progress and gather feedback with interactive quizzes, drag-and-drop activities, and surveys.

With QuizMaker, you can quickly create interactive, beautifully designed quizzes and surveys

Pick one of the 14 question types to create captivating and effective quizzes

Quickly edit your questions and enhance them with images, audio or video

Create interactive drag-and-drop questions to engage your learners

Info slides are perfect if you want to create an attractive intro or provide more details on the topic

Make your quizzes more challenging with branching

Provide detailed feedback messages to explain each answer in detail

Customize testing rules, apply negative marking, or limit time and number of attempts

In the Slide View mode, you can easily customize the look of each question

Once the quiz is complete, a detailed quiz report is available for review

14 question types

Perform accurate knowledge checks with versatile question types: from simple multiple-choice and matching to more advanced questions, like, word bank, sequence, drag-and-drop, and hotspot.

Learn more

Drag-and-drop questions

Engage learners with drag-and-drop activities, in which they are required to place objects in the correct areas on a slide. For example, it may be an assessment for merchandisers to put goods correctly on the shelf.

Info slides

Enhance quizzes with slides containing additional info on the subject. You can add texts, photos, and videos or insert an entire article on the topic.

Learn more


Set up branching scenarios to personalize your quizzes. For example, when a learner fails a question, you can send them to a slide with additional information on the subject. If a learner answers correctly, you can forward them to a more challenging question.

Learn more

Grouping and randomizing

If your quiz contains questions on different topics, they can be arranged into groups. You can set the quiz to shuffle questions within a group or to randomly select a number of questions from each group. This way, each of your students will get a unique quiz.

Learn more

Detailed feedback

Provide feedback for correct and incorrect answers. You can use unified feedback messages for the entire test, or create a specific feedback message for each question. Use images, formulas, and audio to explain the answer in detail.

Learn more

Testing rules

Make quizzes more challenging by customizing testing rules, applying negative marking, and limiting time and number of attempts. You can also choose to set a general passing score or grant points for each question.

Learn more

Quiz design

You can easily customize the design of your quiz by switching to the Slide View mode. Adjust fonts, layout, and color schemes for questions, and add images, shapes, and text labels — just like in PowerPoint.

Learn more

Collecting quiz results

Enable quiz results to be automatically sent to an email or server, or configure JavaScript to forward the results to your learning management system.

Learn more

Video lessons and screencasts

With iSpring's handy video studio, you can quickly create an outstanding video tutorial with a screencast, talking-head video, annotations, hints, and more. For instance, you can teach employees how to use a CRM or make a video lecture on sales techniques.

iSpring's video studio to quickly create outstanding video lectures, screencasts, tutorials, and more

You can create stunning video lessons with annotations, graphs, and captions

With the screen recording feature, you can quickly create narrated step-by-step tutorials for your learners

iSpring Suite automatically highlights your actions during screen recording

Screen recording

Enhance your video lesson with screencasts. You can select a recording area (for example, full screen or just the application window) and use your microphone to add a voice narration.

Learn more

Interactive canvas

In the studio, you can work with your video on an interactive canvas. Add images, text blocks, shapes, and other video files and edit them just like in PowerPoint.

Multi-track timeline

There’s an unlimited number of tracks, so you can add as many layers as you need. You can merge videos from multiple tracks, add audio, and even show two videos at the same time.

Title screens and annotations

Start a video course with a bright and compelling intro or add slides with highlights to any fragment of your video. You can use pre-made images or create annotations, graphs, and captions right in the video editor.

Seamless transitions between scenes

Smooth out the transitions between videos, info slides, and photos. For example, you can adjust transition effects to make the images ripple into videos, and videos smoothly flow back into images.

Visual hints

During screen recording, iSpring Suite detects when you use hotkeys, enter text, or click, and automatically adds tooltips to the screencast. You can easily demonstrate how to use the software or explain the meaning of options and buttons.


You can record video from your screen and webcam simultaneously to provide a screencast with live video comments. Show both videos at the same time or switch between them.

Slow motion and fast motion

You can add a slow-mo effect to show things that may be overlooked at normal speed, or accelerate the video to demonstrate a lengthy process (like editing photos) faster.

Freeze frame

You can hold a specific frame “on pause” for a desired duration. It allows you to add a comprehensive voiceover explanation or textual comments to that part.



Create interactive role-play simulations to help employees develop conversation and sales skills.

Interactive role-play simulations are very effective for building communication skills

With the user-friendly drag-and-drop editor, creating the scenario is very easy

You can pick a character and location from the Library, or upload your own

You can record voiceovers for your role-play right in the dialogue editor

Award points for the right answers and add penalties for mistakes

Branched scenarios

In the editor, the role-play scenario is presented as a tree. Simply create the first scene and then quickly add new branches with drag-and-drop. You can have multiple alternative scenario branches: depending on the learner's answers, a role-play may have different outcomes.

Learn more

Backgrounds and characters

Pick a character and select a location that best matches your learning scenario. For each scene, you can specify character emotions. Use locations and characters from the built-in library, or upload your own.

Learn more


You can award points for the right answers and enforce penalties for mistakes. Learners will earn or lose points at each scene, and the final score will accurately show how good they were.

Learn more

Dialog voiceovers

To fully simulate a real-life conversation, add voiceovers to the character speech. You can import audio or record voiceovers right in the dialog editor.

Learn more

Feedback messages

Explain to learners why the choice they made wasn’t the best one or how to fix a mistake, using feedback messages. You can also enhance them with links to helpful materials on the topic.


With iSpring’s interactions, you can fit more information into one slide and present it in a highly interactive and appealing form.

Fully grab your learners’ attention with beautiful interactions

Choose from 14 ready-made interaction templates

Easily customize labels and colors

14 ready-made templates

Using 14 beautifully designed templates, you can quickly create interactive timelines, diagrams, graphics, catalogs, FAQs, and more.

Learn more

Voiceovers for interactions

Add a voiceover and turn your interaction into a live lesson. Upload an audio file from your computer or record it right in iSpring Suite.

Learn more

Color scheme adjustment

You can easily change the colors of any interactive elements: buttons, controls, shapes, and players to match your company’s branding.

Learn more

Flip books

Convert original Word, PDF, and PPT files into ebooks with vivid pageflip animations. You’ll get a responsive book that opens both on desktops and mobile devices. Upload the book to your LMS, share it with your learners, and get detailed statistics on how they read.

Learn more




Navigation and playback

iSpring Suite has handy features for managing course structure and extra resources. You can specify presenters for each slide, restrict navigation, and configure branching.

iSpring’s fully-customizable course player

Adjust player layout, colors and text labels

To highlight both video and slides, use the 50/50 video lecture player

Set up navigation, branching and other slide properties in one place

Preview how your course will look on different devices

Set up course protection

Choose player

Your course will be displayed in a player that is fully customizable, including layout, colors, panels, and text labels. If your course is all about video, take advantage of the 50/50 player, where your video and slides will be displayed side by side.

Learn more

Set up navigation and branching

Use branching to control learners’ paths in the course. For example, you can prevent learners from going back to previous slides, or make their navigation within the course depend on their actions.

Learn more

Add resources

Add presenters’ info, your company logo, and links to extra resources to your presentation. You can also attach files on the topic of the course, e.g., instructions, articles, and videos.

Learn more

Preview course

Use the Preview mode before publishing your course to check out how it’ll look on PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

Learn more

Protect content

Protect your content with a password, limit time for access, add a watermark, and/or grant access only from certain domains.

Learn more

Voice-over and localization

iSpring Suite has robust features for creating realistic sounding AI narrations for your courses and localizing your content quickly and easily.

Select the language, speaker, and type of voice for your narration

After you translate the text, the design and settings of your course will remain the same

Multiple language support

The latest version of iSpring Suite is now available in 7 languages: English, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese. A fully localized interface will allow you to concentrate on the learning course itself instead of the appearance.

Text-to-speech in various languages

You can create professional voice-overs for your courses without a voice talent. You can also localize your courses for different countries easily by adding a translated narration into the text-to-speech window and selecting any of the 52 languages that are available.

Fast content translation

If you have learners in different countries, you can quickly translate quizzes, interactions, and dialogue simulations into multiple languages. Just export all the texts into a single document, translate them, and import them back into iSpring Suite.


Section 508 and WCAG 2.1 AA compliant content

Create online courses, quizzes, dialogue simulations, interactions, and e-books that users with disabilities can take with ease. You don’t need to make a special copy for this - learners can switch to accessible viewing mode with a single click.

Adjust your tests, surveys, and interactions to the needs of visually impaired learners

Legible texts

Clear fonts and high contrast allow your learners to interact with your content much more easily.

Learn more

Minimalistic layout

Courses include only the most necessary elements, which keeps the interface clear of distractions.

Screen reader support

The content is recognized by the most popular screen readers: JAWS, VoiceOver, and NVDA.

Fast delivery and tracking

iSpring Suite makes it possible to publish a course in a web-friendly format and upload it to your website or LMS – all quickly and easily. After publishing, iSpring courses can be taken on all devices.

Published courses will play perfectly on all devices

Publish your course in HTML5 format to make it available online

Package your course for uploading to any LMS

Publish courses straight to the iSpring Learn LMS with a single click

Adjust your tests, surveys, and interactions to the needs of visually impaired learners

Publishing for Web

Publish courses in HTML5 format to make them available from any device: PC, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. You can also publish courses in .mp4 video format or upload to YouTube directly from iSpring Suite.

Learn more

Publishing to LMS

You can package your course for uploading to any LMS. iSpring courses meet all the modern eLearning standards: cmi5, xAPI (Tin Can), SCORM 2004, SCORM 1.2, and AICC.

Learn more

Publish to iSpring Learn

Simply log into your iSpring Learn LMS account from iSpring Suite, and publish courses to the LMS in just one click.

Learn more

Publishing to iSpring Space

Publish your courses directly to iSpring Space. Share a shortlink with stakeholders so they can review your content and give feedback. Other authors can download your draft course, make edits in their iSpring Suite, and reupload it to iSpring Space

Learn more

Play on mobile devices

iSpring courses work perfectly on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Content, buttons, controls, and course panels adapt to any screen size. Learners can use gestures to tap, swipe, or zoom course elements.


How to Get Started Working From Home

In this short course, you'll get helpful tips on how to stay productive and maintain effective relationships with your team while working remotely. Plus, you'll learn two simple, yet effective techniques for beating procrastination and staying focused on your tasks.

View Demo »

Space Shuttle Course

How much do you know about space shuttles? The Space Shuttle program was the United States government’s space program from 1981 to 2011, and during these years, 5 shuttles from the program spent over 1,330 days in space. Curious to know more? Then take the Space Shuttle course!

View Demo »

Solar System Course

The question that has always concerned mankind is how the Universe we are living in originated. How many planets are there? How did they appear? What are the planets made of? All these questions will be easily answered after viewing this Solar system course.

View Demo »

Single Source E-Learning

Can PowerPoint deliver an interactive e-Learning module? With iSpring, it sure can! Take a look at this single source course made by Dimitri Roman, a senior trainer at a Security Company. iSpring supports various PowerPoint techniques Dmitri uses in his presentations: actions, hyperlinks, triggered animations, templates, custom shows and narration.

View Demo »

The Anatomy of The Digestive System

Of course, eating and drinking are 2 of the great pleasures of life. But have you ever thought about how complicated the digestion process really is? This arresting presentation will let you learn more about the winding road that our food must follow through the many complex structures of the Digestive System.

View Demo »

The Anatomy of The Nervous System

How about puzzling out the body’s most complex system? After viewing this cool Anatomy course, you’ll learn much more about the various vital functions of the Nervous System, ranging from muscle coordination to emotional processing.

View Demo »

How to Make the Perfect Omelette

Take this beautiful course and master the art of making a delicious omelette with our chef! The course is made in the style of a game and includes a small theory section, interactive tasks, a quiz, and a dialogue simulation.

View Demo »

The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is the world's foremost sports competition with more than 200 nations participating. Their creation was inspired by the Olympic Games originally held in ancient Greece. How knowledgeable are you about the Olympic Games? Take this quiz with a branching scenario and find out.

View Demo »

Columbus Day

When did Columbus discover America? Was he the first to visit the "New World"? Learn all about it from this course, which was created to mark Columbus Day.

View Demo »

Kipper Sailing Course

Ever wanted to sail the English Channel on a yacht or skipper? As this delightful ad shows, official qualification from the Royal Yachting Association is tantalizingly within your reach, thanks to these wonderful courses from Kipper Sailing, created and hosted with iSpring.

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Revision Resource on Myeloid Leukemia

This interactive e-Learning revision resource about myeloid leukemia was created by Anna Leicester, a Faculty of Life Sciences graduate of The University of Manchester. Audio narrations, synchronized with course's slides and animations, help learners better understand the subject. The resource also includes an interactive quiz, which can be used to assess learners' knowledge.

View Demo »

Rational Numbers

This chapter about rational numbers is part of a school mathematics course developed by DigiGnostic. The demo is made entirely in PowerPoint with iSpring. It includes voice overs synchronized with animated slides, and an interactive player for easy navigation.

View Demo »

Video Lectures

Lecture "How to prepare for a call"

Take a look at this video lesson from the course "Phone sales" that explains how to prepare for a call to a customer. iSpring's video studio was used to edit a teacher's video and support it with annotations and effects.

View Demo »

Creating a Podcast Training

Creating your own podcast: how hard is it? What gear and software do you need and what process should you follow to create professional-looking podcasts while meeting time and budget constraints? With over seven years of podcasting experience, Rick Zanotti knows all the answers.

View Demo »

The History of Thanksgiving

Americans get together and celebrate Thanksgiving every year. This tradition can be traced back to the early Pilgrims who held a feast in 1621, after a substantial harvest. Take this amazing quiz and learn more about the history of this holiday.

View Demo »


The Basic Rules of Merchandising

There are three basic merchandising rules that help display goods effectively and drive sales in a store. Take this SCORM quiz to see if you understand these rules and are able to grab buyers' attention!

View Demo »

First Aid Quiz

Do you know how to perform CPR? Are you able to help someone who is in cardiac arrest? Take this quiz and test your knowledge about first aid to feel more confident in case of an emergency.

View Demo »

Geometry Test

Test your knowledge of geometry. While you exercise your brain’s understanding of geometrical tasks, notice how elegantly formulas, graphs, and pictures are embedded into both questions and answers. iSpring Suite is perfect for the creation of math tests.

View Demo »

Vegas Quiz

Think you know everything about that shining neon jewel of the desert, Las Vegas? Test your knowledge of Vegas history, lore, and attractions with this iSpring quiz!

View Demo »

Mt. Everest Quiz

Want to test your knowledge of the highest mountain in the world? Take this engaging test on Mount Everest made with iSpring QuizMaker and you might just learn something new!

View Demo »

New Orleans Quiz

Welcome to the Big Easy! New Orleans is a major United States port and the largest city in the state of Louisiana. Some people call New Orleans the most unique city in America. Do you want to know why? Take this quiz and find out.

View Demo »

Orlando Quiz

Welcome to Orlando - The City Beautiful! Whether you’re a local or a tourist, this SCORM quiz demo is a great way to check how well you know the city. Answer a few questions about Orlando’s history, nature, and sights and have fun learning some new facts!

View Demo »

Christmas Quiz

Christmas is one of the most celebrated holidays. Or is it? Do you know which countries celebrate Christmas? And when they celebrate it? And what they cook for Christmas dinner? Take this quiz and you'll be amazed at how Christmas traditions vary from country to country.

View Demo »

Dialogue simulations

Car Sale Dialogue

You are a car salesman trying to finesse a test drive out of a walk-in customer. See how this scenario created with iSpring TalkMaster challenges you to use tact, know-how, and just a bit of aggressiveness to seal the deal.

View Demo »

Bank Dialogue

You are a bank hotline employee that has just received a call from a distraught customer who seems to be missing some money from his account. Do you have what it takes to calm the customer down and get to the bottom of the issue?

View Demo »


Dialogue Simulation Tutorial

This demo was made in PowerPoint using iSpring Cam, part of iSpring Suite 8. Find out step by step how to create an interactive dialogue simulation to train your employees for real-life conversations with customers and colleagues.

View Demo »


How to Present a Car: The Six Points Method

A six-point presentation is a sales technique that allows a salesperson to demonstrate all the features of a car from six different positions. This interactive guide helps salespeople explore the method and find out what information they should provide at every position.

View Demo »

Cheese Selection Guide

This interactive cheese selection guide will help new sales assistants learn more about the cheeses available in their store. Each card contains the picture of the cheese and a detailed description of its taste and other characteristics.

View Demo »

Dealing with An Angry Customer: 5 Simple Steps for Call Center Agents

A call center agent should not only know the product perfectly, but also be able to deal with negative emotions. This interaction offers five simple rules that will help call center agents work with angry customers.

View Demo »

How to Create A Training Video: 5 Simple Steps

These step-by-step instructions will help you create an effective training video on your own that will be more professional and of greater value to your audience.

View Demo »

Setting SMART Goals

Setting SMART goals helps to increase the chances of achieving your business and personal goals in a timely manner. Check out this demo and learn how to set your goals using this technique.

View Demo »

The Deming Cycle (PDCA)

A Deming cycle is an iterative four-step management method used in business for the control and continual improvement of processes and products. Click on any part of the cycle to learn about its characteristics.

View Demo »

FAQ for New Sales Assistants in Extreme Sports

This FAQ was created for new sales assistants at the Extreme Sport store. Maybe you want to know how wages are calculated? Or do you have questions about the company dress code? Answers to these and more questions are in this FAQ.

View Demo »

Six Oceans Company History

From a small backyard business into an international clothing manufacturer: how did they do it? Explore the history of Six Oceans on this interactive timeline.

View Demo »

Creating A Brand Wheel

A brand essence wheel is a popular marketing concept that symbolizes what the brand stands for in the minds of a company’s clients and stakeholders. This circle interaction allows you to explore each layer of the wheel.

View Demo »

Cleaner Pro-15 Vacuum Cleaner Training

How does this spray cleaner work? How many nozzles does it have? Where does the water come from? With this interactive guide, sales assistants will know the answers to all possible client questions.

View Demo »

Bright Mind Office Tour

Welcome to Bright Mind! This interactive office tour was created to guide new employees through the office and describe each location.

View Demo »

Online Store Sales Funnel

A sales funnel is a series of steps your clients go through as they move from their first visit to your website to making an actual purchase. Here, you’ll learn what the main tiers of the sales funnel are.

View Demo »


Top 10 Inventions that Changed the World

This interactive book will guide you through the top ten inventions of all time. From the wheel to the Internet, they completely transformed human life and made our world better.

View Demo »

10 PowerPoint Tips to Make Your Slides More Effective

PPT Solutions, a Dutch design agency, shares some handy tips on how to create a more compelling presentation design, which can help deliver your message better.

View Demo »

5 Ways to Launch Product Knowledge Training

Five different methods to deploy product knowledge training in a company with their advantages, disadvantages, and out-of-pocket costs.

View Demo »

System Requirements

Authoring Content


Computer and processor Dual-Core processor (Quad-Core or higher is recommended, 2.0 GHz or faster)
Memory 4 GB (Recommended: 8 GB or more)
Free disk space 2 GB for installation and 20 GB for operation
Display 1366x768 or higher resolution
Video card NVIDIA® GeForce® 8 series, Intel® HD Graphics 2000, or AMD Radeon™ R600 or higher with 512 МB memory for regular video and 1 GB for HD video, Direct3D 10.1/Direct 2D compatible graphics adapter is required for the correct work of iSpring Cam Pro.
Audio Sound card and microphone (for narration recording)
Video Built-in or external webcam (for video recording)


Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10/11 (32- and 64-bit)
Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/365 (32- and 64-bit)
Microsoft Word Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/365 (32- and 64-bit)

Viewing Content


Desktop Mozilla Firefox 57 or higher
Google Chrome 48 or higher
Microsoft Edge
Macintosh Safari 11 or higher
Linux Mozilla Firefox 57 or higher
Google Chrome 48 or higher
Mobile Devices iOS 11.x or higher (for iPad and iPhone)
Android 5 or higher

Viewing video (MP4)

Player Windows Media Player
QuickTime Player (for Mac)
Windows Mozilla Firefox 57 or higher
Google Chrome 48 or higher
Microsoft Edge
Macintosh Safari 11 or higher
Mobile Devices iOS 11.x or higher (for iPad and iPhone)
Android 5 or higher

14 day Trial

Trial Download