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iSpring Suite 9

iSpring Suite 9

Easy to use, fully-stocked e-Learning authoring toolkit for PowerPoint. No training required to start!

For Windows 10/8/7 32- and 64-bit Microsoft Office 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 support

Integration with PowerPoint

Developing e-Learning content has never been so fast and easy! With iSpring Suite,
you can turn your PowerPoint presentations into supercharged e-courses in a snap.

Supercharged to Develop e-Learning Fast and Easy

Convert your existing presentations into e-Learning courses. Use your PowerPoint skills to create tons of quality e-Learning content fast and easy without special training.

Convert PowerPoint into E-Learning Courses

Online courses created with iSpring Suite

  • Space Shuttle Course
  • Solar System Course
  • Kipper Sailing Course

Create Video Lectures

Synchronize your video with your PowerPoint slides and publish it into a video presentation format to reach millions of viewers online.

Build Interactive Assessments

Use state-of-the art iSpring tools to create interactive assessments with rich media, video, drag-n-drops, branching, and flexible scoring and testing rules.

Record Screencasts and Teach Through Video

Now you can record screencasts right in iSpring Suite without using any 3rd-party tools. Capture all or part of your screen with the built-in iSpring Cam tool and paste the video on your slides, or use it as standalone training material.

Develop Conversation Skills

Create conversation simulations to practice your team’s communication skills. The built-in TalkMaster tool includes a library of backgrounds and characters to develop realistic dialogue simulations with branching and assessments.

Create E-Learning Interactions

Make your learning materials more visual with iSpring e-Learning interactions that you can create fast and easy with iSpring Suite. Use a set of ready-made templates for creating timelines, references, glossaries, catalogs, and FAQs.

Adaptive Player That Works Everywhere

Everything you create with iSpring Suite supports HTML5 for perfect playback on any device, including PCs, Macs, tablets, and smartphones (with Windows, iOS, and Android OS).

Platforms supported

  • Windows PC
  • Apple Mac
  • iPad and iPhone
  • Android
  • Windows Phone

iSpring Play Mobile App

iSpring Play is a free mobile app that allows learners to access your content anytime, anywhere, even with no Internet connection.

Download on the App StoreGet it on Google Play

Create professional video courses even with no video editing skills

Video courses on sales techniques, soft skills, and public speaking

Record an expert session and point out the key highlights to help employees retain the subject material. You can mix videos from multiple tracks, add audio narration, and support the footage with annotations or graphics.

Interactive canvas — just like a PowerPoint slide

You can edit objects right on the canvas: add videos, captions, shapes, and images.

Mixing audio and video from multiple tracks

Use as many tracks as you need. You can merge several videos together, add music, and even show two videos at the same time.

Title screens and annotations

You can upload existing images or create visual hints, diagrams, and captions right in the video editor.

Smooth transitions between scenes

Adjust the transition effects so that one scene smoothly dissolves while the next scene appears.

“Watch and repeat” software tutorials

With iSpring Suite, you can record screencasts to quickly train employees to work with corporate apps. For example, you can show them how to work with an inventory management app, a learning portal, or a CRM system.

“Picture-in-picture” screencasts

You can record your screen and webcam video at the same time, and then show the two streams together or switch between them. For example, enhance a CRM screencast tutorial with a talking-head video.

Software tutorials with annotations

Now, when you record a screencast, iSpring Suite automatically detects keystrokes, mouse clicks, and typing, and adds annotations for these actions to your video.

Engaging Interactions

Amazing new interactions for presenting diagrams, instructions, and catalogs

Tests and exercises for training and skill building

New drag-and-drop exercises to practice skills

Drag-and-drop activities engage employees and help them master a skill in a game-like environment. With iSpring Suite 9, you can ask learners to arrange objects or group them by categories. For example, enhance a merchandising course with a task to to shelve or load goods.

Ask employees to drag the correct answers to the appropriate places. It may be a task to pick the right tools for a job, or review key product specs.

You can also create an exercise for placing objects in the correct order. For example, have a new salesperson repeat the steps of the deal-closing process.

Drill-and-practice activities with extensive feedback

Give detailed feedback to help learners review their mistakes and improve performance. You can explain why an answer is incorrect, and provide useful facts or a whole article on a topic.

You can add several text blocks, images, and shapes, and set transparency, shadows, fill, and outlines — it’s just as easy as in PowerPoint.

Test design freedom

Fine-tune question layout and easily design info slides, feedback, surveys, and result slides. Now all these options are right at your fingertips in the visual editor.

Flawless Support of PowerPoint Effects

Mobile Learning

  • Adaptive player & content
  • Gestures support
  • Preview mode
  • Mobile app

Tests for Learning, Assessment & Skills Practice

  • 14 question types
  • Drag-and-drop questions
  • Test design
  • Detailed feedback
  • Info slides
  • Testing rules customization
  • Collecting results
  • Scoring rules
  • Random question choice
  • Branching

Dialogue Simulations for Practicing Customer-Facing Scenarios

  • Branched scenarios
  • Collection of backgrounds and characters
  • Dialogue voice-over
  • Evaluation of simulation results

Audio & Video Narration

  • Audio and video recording
  • Synchronization with slides and animations
  • Audio/video editor

Screencasts & Video Tutorials

  • Picture-in-picture screencasts
  • Visual hints
  • Interactive canvas just like PowerPoint slides
  • Title screens and annotations
  • Multi-track timeline for audio and video
  • Seamless transitions between scenes

Interaction Templates for Effective Presentation

  • 13 ready-made templates
  • Voice-overs for interactions
  • Color scheme adjustment

Content Library for Rapid Course Creation

  • Characters
  • Slide templates
  • Locations and interior items
  • Icons, buttons, and controls

Course Structure & Navigation

  • Slide properties
  • Navigation and branching
  • Presentation resources
  • Presentation preloader

Customizable Player

  • Universal player
  • 50/50 Video lecture player


  • Publishing to HTML5
  • Publishing to a learning management system
  • Publishing to iSpring Cloud
  • Branching
  • 4 levels of content protection


Space Shuttle Course

How much do you know about space shuttles? The Space Shuttle program was the United States government’s space program from 1981 to 2011, and during these years, 5 shuttles from the program spent over 1,330 days in space. Curious to know more? Then take the Space Shuttle course!

View Demo »

Solar System Course

The question that has always concerned mankind is how the Universe we are living in originated. How many planets are there? How did they appear? What are the planets made of? All these questions will be easily answered after viewing this Solar system course.

View Demo »

Single Source E-Learning

Can PowerPoint deliver an interactive e-Learning module? With iSpring, it sure can! Take a look at this single source course made by Dimitri Roman, a senior trainer at a Security Company. iSpring supports various PowerPoint techniques Dmitri uses in his presentations: actions, hyperlinks, triggered animations, templates, custom shows and narration.

View Demo »

The Anatomy of The Digestive System

Of course, eating and drinking are 2 of the great pleasures of life. But have you ever thought about how complicated the digestion process really is? This arresting presentation will let you learn more about the winding road that our food must follow through the many complex structures of the Digestive System.

View Demo »

The Anatomy of The Nervous System

How about puzzling out the body’s most complex system? After viewing this cool Anatomy course, you’ll learn much more about the various vital functions of the Nervous System, ranging from muscle coordination to emotional processing.

View Demo »

How to Make the Perfect Omelette

Take this beautiful course and master the art of making a delicious omelette with our chef! The course is made in the style of a game and includes a small theory section, interactive tasks, a quiz, and a dialogue simulation.

View Demo »

The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is the world's foremost sports competition with more than 200 nations participating. Their creation was inspired by the Olympic Games originally held in ancient Greece. How knowledgeable are you about the Olympic Games? Take this quiz with a branching scenario and find out.

View Demo »

Columbus Day

When did Columbus discover America? Was he the first to visit the "New World"? Learn all about it from this course, which was created to mark Columbus Day.

View Demo »

Kipper Sailing Course

Ever wanted to sail the English Channel on a yacht or skipper? As this delightful ad shows, official qualification from the Royal Yachting Association is tantalizingly within your reach, thanks to these wonderful courses from Kipper Sailing, created and hosted with iSpring.

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Revision Resource on Myeloid Leukemia

This interactive e-Learning revision resource about myeloid leukemia was created by Anna Leicester, a Faculty of Life Sciences graduate of The University of Manchester. Audio narrations, synchronized with course's slides and animations, help learners better understand the subject. The resource also includes an interactive quiz, which can be used to assess learners' knowledge.

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Rational Numbers

This chapter about rational numbers is part of a school mathematics course developed by DigiGnostic. The demo is made entirely in PowerPoint with iSpring. It includes voice overs synchronized with animated slides, and an interactive player for easy navigation.

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Dialogue simulations

Car Sale Dialogue

You are a car salesman trying to finesse a test drive out of a walk-in customer. See how this scenario created with iSpring TalkMaster challenges you to use tact, know-how, and just a bit of aggressiveness to seal the deal.

View Demo »

Rational Numbers

This chapter about rational numbers is part of a school mathematics course developed by DigiGnostic. The demo is made entirely in PowerPoint with iSpring. It includes voice overs synchronized with animated slides, and an interactive player for easy navigation.

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System Requirements

Authoring Content


Computer and processor Dual-Core processor (Quad-Core or higher is recommended, 2.0 GHz or faster)
Memory 4 GB (Recommended: 8 GB or more)
Free disk space 2 GB for installation and 20 GB for operation
Display 1366x768 or higher resolution
Video card NVIDIA® GeForce® 8 series, Intel® HD Graphics 2000, or AMD Radeon™ R600 or higher with 512 МB memory for regular video and 1 GB for HD video, Direct3D 10.1/Direct 2D compatible graphics adapter is required for the correct work of iSpring Cam Pro.
Audio Sound card and microphone (for narration recording)
Video Built-in or external webcam (for video recording)


Operating System Microsoft® Windows® 7/8/10 (32- and 64-bit)
Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft® PowerPoint® 2007/2010/2013/2016 (32- and 64-bit)
Microsoft Word Microsoft Word 2007/2010/2013/2016 (32- and 64-bit)
Internet Explorer Internet Explorer 9.0 or higher

Viewing Content


Desktop Internet Explorer 9 or higher
Mozilla Firefox 45 or higher
Google Chrome 48 or higher
Microsoft Edge
Macintosh Safari 11 or higher
Linux Mozilla Firefox 45 or higher
Google Chrome 48 or higher
Mobile Devices iOS 9.x or higher (for iPad and iPhone)
Android 4.4 or higher

Viewing video (MP4)

Player Windows Media Player
QuickTime Player (for Mac)
Windows Internet Explorer 9 or higher
Mozilla Firefox 45 or higher
Google Chrome 48 or higher
Microsoft Edge
Macintosh Safari 11 or higher
Mobile Devices iOS 9.x or higher (for iPad and iPhone)
Android 4.4 or higher

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