HeapAgent 8.1 configuration problem

We've just recently become aware of a problem with the HeapAgent 8.1 install program. The following procedure will enable you to determine if this problem exists on your installation and, if so, to fix it.

After HeapAgent has installed itself, use task manager to check whether the process haloader.exe is running. If it isn't, use regedit or another registry editor to examine the key HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\run. One of the values for this key should be the full path to haloader.exe (which, by default, is "c:\heapagnt\haloader.exe"). If your registry shows the path as <INSTALLDIR>\haloader.exe, please edit that entry by supplying the correct full path, in quotation marks.  Once this change is made, and your system restarted, haloader.exe should appear in the taskman process pane, whether or  not HeapAgent is running.