BI Sentry

Unleash the Power of SentryOne for SSAS Performance Monitoring

BI Sentry provides industry-leading performance analysis for SSAS Multidimensional and Tabular data modes.

BI Sentry empowers you to monitor, diagnose, and optimize SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) Multidimensional and Tabular modes. With BI Sentry, you gain unparalleled insight into SSAS performance issues, including bottlenecks related to memory and storage systems, aggregation usage, unoptimized queries, as well as query and processing tasks competing for the same resources.

BI Sentry includes enhanced support for SSAS Tabular mode and continued support for Multidimensional mode so you can identify and address common SSAS performance problems:

  • Unique insight into VertiPaq memory limits and paging policy
  • Top Commands view that helps you identify bottlenecks for both DAX and MDX queries
  • Object Memory Usage tab that helps you optimize in-memory compression of your data model

As part of the SentryOne platform, BI Sentry gives a complete view of Microsoft SSAS performance, so you can identify and address problems that can have widespread impact across your data platform.

SSAS query analysis

BI Sentry provides in-depth query information so you can analyze the impact of MDX query performance in SSAS Multidimensional mode and DAX query performance in Tabular mode.

Top Commands view

See details about live or historical long-running and high-impact statements with the Top Commands view. Top Commands captures and aggregates all high-impact SSAS commands (MDX, DMX, DAX, and XMLA), and displays top commands by CPU and I/O usage.

Intelligent Alerting

Rich alerting features are built into BI Sentry, allowing you to build notifications that are timely and meaningful in your environment. For example, you can customize alerts around memory limits and other potential resource bottlenecks.

Environment Health Overview

Get an instant, real-time snapshot of the health status of all of your servers from a single, easy-to-view screen. A simple-to-understand score on a scale of 1-to-100 indicates the health of your environment.

Performance reporting

Save time with pre-formatted reports, which are available for any metrics BI Sentry collects, from a global level down to individual counters.

SSAS and file cache usage

Identify data and log files quickly, and see how data flows through your disk system. View SSAS internal cache activity and disk activity (including system file cache usage), hit ratios for all cache lookup types, and cache growth/shrinkage.

Event Calendar

Use an Outlook-style calendar to view interrelated activity across your entire data platform. Track your data from ETL through reporting, and all services in between.

Desktop, web, and mobile access

Monitor your SSAS performance anytime, anywhere, with easily configurable, highly customizable cloud access to your performance metrics.