Win Sentry

Boost Windows Hyper-V Performance

Win Sentry boosts Windows Server performance.

Win Sentry makes Microsoft Windows Server performance monitoring easier. With Win Sentry, you can correlate and track Windows performance metrics and processes, grouping by applications such as SharePoint, Internet Information Services (IIS), SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), and SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS).

This solution provides OS insight around disk latencies, disk space, and core resource utilization. The Hyper-V host dashboard allows you to see how resources are being allocated and utilized by virtual machines and allows you to easily jump to a VM dashboard.

Win Sentry also provides critical Windows performance metrics as part of SentryOne, and within the SentryOne platform empowers DBAs to troubleshoot with confidence by giving full visibility into their entire environment.

Hyper-V Host Dashboard

The dashboard provides per-VM breakdown of resource utilization, helping you find the “noisy neighbor” that could be causing performance issues.

Process-Level Metrics

Allows you to identify which OS processes are consuming resources at any time, and automatically groups common processes into their application groups, such as SQL Server, IIS, and service host.

Browser-Based Access

Get easily configurable, highly customizable cloud access to your performance data. Our unique Server Health Status view lets you see the health of your entire environment on a single screen.

Enhanced Global Baselines

View application performance over multiple servers from a common baseline, to easily identify when systems deviate from normal behavior.

Event Calendar

Use an Outlook-style calendar to view Windows Event Log and manage schedules for Windows Task Scheduler.

History and Alert Filtering

Use the configurable history filter in event sources to control which events are collected, displayed on the calendar, and available for alerting.

Job Chaining

Quickly and easily define dependencies and workflows involving Windows tasks with Win Sentry's advanced chaining features.

Performance Reporting

Take advantage of pre-formatted reports available on any metrics Win Sentry collects, from a global level down to individual counters. Along with the dashboard, these reports enable effective root cause analysis.

100+ built-in alerting conditions

Discover potential problems before users do, using a multitude of built-in alerting conditions covering everything from server outages to long-running jobs and queries.

70+ Advisory Conditions

We provide 70+ Advisory Conditions to get you started, but the Advisory Condition build interface allows you to build conditions for virtually anything you can imagine, from a single query to test the status of your in-house application to complex tests involving conditional logic and multiple Advisory Conditions.

Global Server Status View

See the health status of all of your servers from a single, easy-to-view screen. Save time by identifying poorly performing metrics on each of your servers quickly and efficiently.

Performance overview and detail

Not all problems require deep analysis. SentryOne provides an overview of the entire estate, allowing you to quickly report on overall health, and decide when deeper analysis is necessary.

Are you able to quickly determine whether a performance bottleneck is in your application versus in your database? Win Sentry gives you that visibility, both for application servers and for Hyper-V hosts.

Are you running SQL Server on Hyper-V? Win Sentry is the performance solution you need now.

The tight, seamless integration between V Sentry and SQL Sentry lets you easily drill through metrics to quickly uncover the root cause of performance problems.