Developer API to Dramatically Reduce PDF Size

ActivePDF Compressor

ActivePDF Compressor uses text, image, and object compression to reduce file size when creating a PDF file. Additionally, ActivePDF Compressor offers optimization settings to further reduces file size.

After compression, the PDF files require less storage space when archiving and load online quicker than uncompressed PDFs, for better viewing speed and performance. It’s also faster to share or email compressed PDF files, especially when there are email file size limitations.

ActivePDF Compressor supports compression for various image types embedded in PDF files, including JPEG, JP2, and raw image data.

Compressor の主な特長

  • Reduces PDF file size.
  • Image compression for color and grayscale images.
  • Text and object compression.
  • Optimization, includes removing document structure.
  • Supports COM and .NET API.

Compressor のシステム要件


オペレーティング システム



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