LightningChart SDK

The fastest and most advanced data visualization components for WPF & Windows Forms!

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Ultimate Charting Experience

LightningChart is entirely GPU accelerated and performance optimized charting components for presenting massive amounts of data ‒ more than 1 Billion data points real-time.

It is developed for professional high-speed software dealing with real-time data acquisition and representation, utilizing CPU and memory resources efficiently. This provides an unmatched performance to your application, which means:

  • Real-time monitoring without flickering or delays
  • High-resolution datasets
  • Interactivity
  • Efficient use of machine resources
  • Ability to render data with older machine hardware, maintaining all advantages mentioned above

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See the performance comparison with other charting components here.

General Information

  • Full mouse-interaction, touch screen support, custom mouse interactivity extensions
  • Cursors and Annotations, data colorizing with color palette, and full customizability of components
  • Data breaking by NaN or other specified breaking value, in selected series types
  • Numeric, Time, DateTime, Logarithmic, Geographic Coordinate System (GCS) and Custom axis scales

Rendering Technology

  • DirectX 11 & DirectX 9 support
  • Automatic software rendering with WARP in systems without graphics hardware and for virtual machines
  • Selectable fonts quality
  • HiDPI scaling support
  • Can be run in both 32-bit and 64-bit modes

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