Issue tracker designed
for development teams

Bring IDE-style intelligence to your issue tracking

Smart search

Find anything you need in no time, using smart search queries with completion

Keep your hands on the keyboard

Speed up the daily routine with handy shortcuts, just like you do in your favorite IDE

Command window

Modify multiple issues at once using geek-style commands

Drive your development process

Live Dashboard

Stay on top of your project and team activities with your personal live Dashboard

Powerful reports

Effectively monitor progress and analyze project data with powerful reports

Time management

Better plan, estimate and manage your team’s work by tracking the time being spent on development and other activities

Dare to be agile

Effective planning

Comfortably plan your sprints and releases to deliver great products in time

Scrum or Kanban

Follow Scrum, Kanban or a mixed process to visualize your team’s progress

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