GdPicture.NET Imaging Toolkits

Leverage your apps. with image processing, document imaging, OCR, compression, PDF, DOCX…

  • Comprehensive SDK for Imaging application development.
  • Delivered as .NET WinForm, ActiveX, WPF and ASP.NET components.
  • Capture, compose, display, annotate, clean-up, edit and print documents.

Document Imaging Software for Developers and General Public


Imaging toolkit for developers.
GdPicture SDK

By using GdPicture SDK you will be able to acquire, compose, process, view, annotate and print documents within desktop & web applications. 100% royalty free!


DocuVieware Kit

Make document-handling or document-management (90+ formats including TIFF, PDF and SVG) web-applications that work on any device using just the browser. No additional components (like plugins or pre-requisite downloads) are required.



Universal TWAIN & WIA scanner software for any scanner, camera or acquisition card. Powerful. Convenient. With OCR, color detection, file importing and annotation support. A Free edition is provided!


PDF Reducer

Powerful tool meant to help anyone to get PDF files reduced to the minimum possible size. For developers and end users. Provides different innovative and highly sophisticated size-reducing techniques. Free edition available.



The fastest OCR software on the market to convert documents into PDF/OCR. Includes an innovative layout analysis feature. Download our free edition!