APS Sentry

Unlock Microsoft APS Value with SentryOne

APS Sentry maximizes your value from Microsoft APS.

APS Sentry for Microsoft Analytics Platform System (APS) accelerates the return on your data analytics investment. APS Sentry helps you monitor and boost APS performance so you can deliver business-critical information quickly and easily.

APS Sentry provides tools that help you identify inefficient data movement in Microsoft APS. The Event Calendar and Intelligent Data Movement dashboard help you identify factors that are affecting workloads. Intelligent alerting gives you complete control over notifications, so you always know what's happening in your APS environment.

APS Sentry gives you visibility into the queries and jobs running to load, back up, or restore your data.

With APS Sentry performance monitoring, you can be confident you're getting maximum value from your APS resources.

Data movement dashboard

View important Microsoft APS activity, including key CPU metrics, elapsed time, rows processed, and MB/sec processed. The dashboard also helps you visualize the correlation of that activity against the compute nodes and the associated distributions.

Distributed queries

Get details about any live or historical requests and the associated request steps across the APS environment. APS Sentry lets you set query collection thresholds based on duration, and displays the executed request, client, application, login, label, and resource class, along with pertinent performance metrics.

Loads, backups, and restores

View information about both in-process and historical events across your APS environment through the Loads, Backups, and Restores grid.

Intelligent alerting

Get critical information about the overall health of your APS environment through Advisory Conditions, which display the description, type, severity, and current/previous value of outlying conditions.

Event Calendar

Get a rich view of all Microsoft APS activity in a convenient calendar format that helps you visualize how specific activities affect one another and lets you jump to run-time performance graphs to see specific query performance trends.