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Mockplus Classic

Fast design

Built-in components & icons

Easily access 200+ ready-made components and 3000+ vector icons and streamline your design process for Android, iOS, web, and tablet.

Easy to customize UI libraries

Create your own UI libraries with personalized components, icons and interactions, and share them with your team.

Reuse assets to save hours of work

Reuse styles and interactions via masters, repeaters, auto data fill and templates. All in one click.

Full Sketch integration

Import your Sketch files to Mockplus Classic and design high-fidelity prototypes faster with rich interactions, animations and page transitions.

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Mockplus Classic


Fast interaction

Components interaction

Build interactive prototypes with a simple drag-and-drop. Use interactive pre-built components such as Checkboxes, Pop-up Panels, Stack Panels, Scroll Boxes, etc.

Page link

Transform your static pages into interactive prototypes. Simply link one page to another and create a delightful page transition.

Interaction state

Introduce subtle interaction states to components. Make them react to hover, focus, active, selected, and disabled states.

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Mockplus Classic


Fast testing

Instant preview

Use instant previews to test your design during the prototyping phase.

View on device

Preview and validate your prototypes on iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Export to HTML

Export your prototype to a fully interactive HTML, online and offline.

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Mockplus Classic


Real-time Collaboration

Design together

Multiple users can work on the same project simultaneously. Sync the project to the cloud and allow your team to collaborate anytime and anywhere.

Review and comment

Invite members and stakeholders to review prototypes with a shareable link. Mockplus Classic provides 7 markup solutions to help you inspect your design easier and faster.

Team management

Set permissions and assign tasks to team members. The admin has full control over the team permissions.

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Mockplus Classic

Free web and mobile app templates

Speed up your design process with ready-to-use prototype templates for web and mobile

Free web and mobile app templates

Design-to-dev handoff design

All the prototypes you create in Mockplus Classic are fully integrated with Cloud. Simplify design and development collaboration by allowing developers to inspect prototypes, check specs and get required design assets.

Design-to-dev handoff design

Comment online

Use the Pin tool to leave comments in design. Notify a particular team member about your feedback and add an attachment to express your opinion clearly.

Simplify management

Mockplus Cloud will automatically back up source files and generate historical versions of your prototypes.

Bird-eye preview

Display all designs in an infinite storyboard, and create logical connections between pages.

Check specs

Developers are able to inspect prototypes, check the visual specs of components and download design assets.

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