Enterprise Solutions for Python, Perl & Tcl

Support, Security and Custom Engineering that reduce the risk of running open source in the enterprise

Open source is easy to start with, accelerates your development efforts, and often requires no upfront cost. But like any software, it deteriorates over time, increasing costs associated with common issues like maintenance to ensure you’re working with supported packages/language core, security to ensure against vulnerabilities, support for EOL packages/languages, and audits to ensure compliance with open source licenses.

open source solutions for enterprise

ActiveState has been helping organizations of all sizes reduce the support, maintenance, security and compliance costs of open source for more than 20 years. We can do the same for you!

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Commercial Support

Service Level Agreement (SLA)-backed support and maintenance for your Python, Perl and Tcl deployments.

The ActiveState Platform ensures your runtime environments are well maintained and vulnerability free by automating the upgrade and update processes. Whether you choose to self-serve or opt for ActiveState-managed builds, you can decrease the cost of maintaining your Python, Perl and Tcl environments over time.

Supply Chain Security & Integrity

Turn-key, end-to-end solution for open source security and integrity.

Rather than cobbling together multiple solutions from multiple vendors, along with custom solutions to ensure the integrity and security of open source artifacts, organizations can save considerable time, resources and money by implementing the ActiveState Platform. Protect your software development process from end to end.

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Extended Support

Support and maintenance for EOL languages, such as Python 2 and older Perl and Tcl distributions.

Decrease the risk of running applications built with open source languages that are no longer supported by the community. ActiveState provides technical support and timely security updates so you can continue to run mission critical applications with confidence while you migrate or rewrite them.

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Reduce the risk of IP infringement lawsuits from improper open source use.

Open source licensing is complex, and developers don’t always have the time to ensure they’re complying with license requirements when they include open source in their applications. ActiveState’s indemnification offering can help protect you against IP, copyright, and/or patent infringement lawsuits resulting from improper implementations.

OEM Licensing

OEM licensing options that let you ship Python, Perl or Tcl in your products.

Decrease support costs by enabling a standard, out-of-the-box installation of Python, Perl and/or Tcl, ensuring that all customers have consistent deployments of your product. Gain royalty-free distribution rights and greatly reduce the effort to update, build and test a new version of Python, Perl and/or Tcl with your product.

Custom Engineering

Reclaim developer hours by outsourcing your language engineering projects.

Your developers are experts in your product. Ours are experts in open source languages. Necessary but low-value open source work, such as debug builds and the creation of portable environments is better outsourced so your team can focus on value-added features instead, especially if you have pressing deadlines.



  • Perl 5.16 to 5.32 – Fully maintained and supported
  • Perl 5.8 to 5.14 releases available for licensing


  • Python 2 Extended Support – Python 2 has reached end-of-life and is no longer supported by the Python Software Foundation, but we continue to provide an extended support option that includes security fixes to the language core and 3rd-party packages.
  • Python 2.7 – Fully maintained and supported
  • Other Python 2 releases available for licensing
  • Python 3
    • Python 3.6 to 3.8 – Fully maintained and supported
    • Python 3.x to 3.5 – Available for licensing


  • Tcl/Tk 8.6+ – Fully maintained and supported
  • Tcl/Tk 8.4 to 8.5 – Available for licensing



Support for AIX 7 on PowerPC (64-bit) and licensing for past versions.


Support for most popular 64-bit flavors of Linux, including Ubuntu, CentOS, RHEL, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Debian (any version that supports glibc v2.17 or v2.12).


Support for most recent versions of macOS 10.x


Support for Solaris 11, and licensing for past versions.


Support for 64-bit Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10, as well as Windows Server 2012, 2016 and 2019, and 32-bit Windows versions.