PhotoModeler Pricing and License

PhotoModeler is the base product. PhotoModeler Premium contains all the capabilities of PhotoModeler Standard, and adds scanning and dense surface modeling.

PhotoModeler Price

Product License Type Price Purchase

PhotoModeler Standard

This is the base product. For more detail, see here.

Permanent License $998.00 Contact Us
Maintenance Agreement Renewal $184.00 Contact Us
Permanent Educational License Contact Us -
Yearly Subscription* $548.00 Contact Us

PhotoModeler Premium

PhotoModeler Premium software has all the capabilities of the base PhotoModeler Standard product plus the capability to do Dense Surface Modeling (DSM), 3D scanning, SmartMatch, Geographic Systems, and Motion capture.

Permanent License $2,298.00 Contact Us
Maintenance Agreement Renewal $318.00 Contact Us
Permanent Educational License Contact Us -
Yearly Subscription* $968.00 Contact Us

Comparison of PhotoModeler Products


  • Measurements for kitchen and bath countertops
  • Accident Scene Diagrams
  • Vehicle Crush Measurement
  • Surveying existing structures
  • Architectural and industry surveying
  • Archaeological surveying
  • Stress and deformation analysis

PhotoModeler Premium

  • Cliff and rock face modeling
  • Model/measure artifacts, digs, caves, carvings
  • Non-contact modeling of objects for curatorial purposes
  • Foot print and bite mark scans
  • Photo-realistic texture maps
  • Ortho-mosaic photo production
  • Terrain survey and contours
  • Mine reclamation
  • Stock pile volumes
  • All the examples of PhotoModeler are included

Feature PhotoModeler PhotoModeler Premium
CAD-like models
High-quality Measurements
Lines, curves, surfaces
Coded target automation
SmartMatch and SmartOrient
DSM (Dense Surface Modeling)
Time-based motion measurement
Geographical coord systems
Volume Objects
Multispectral Image
PDF Report Generation


The PhotoModeler software is a downloaded and installed desktop application. The Subscription is a form of licensing that controls how long the installed software will run.

While all above licenses are for one user on one computer, there is a capability to move a license between computers on an infrequent basis (i.e. replacing with newer computer, or reformatting hard drive). Contact Us for more information.

For License Agreement, see PhotoModeler End User License Agreement.

For Academic License, Contact Us for detail.

Comparison of Permanent Licenses and Subscription Licenses

  Subscription License Permanent License
Duration ¹ Software runs while subscription is active. Software will always run.
Support ² Included while subscription is active Included for first year.
Provides support for 2nd year and later at a fee.
  1. Before the software is licensed, or if a Subscription has been cancelled, the software runs in Demo mode.
  2. Support includes all updates for free and a reasonable amount of phone and email support.

Demo Mode vs Full Mode

The Demo mode has no time restrictions, and these functional restrictions:

If you create a project and save it while your subscription is active you can load it and view it while in demo mode (you will not be able to save it or export but all viewing capabilities are available).

Switching Between License Types

To switch between different Subscription license types, or between a Subscription and a Permanent license, the current Subscription must be canceled and a new Subscription (or Permanent license) purchased. A new activation code will be provided which must be installed in the software.

Quote/Contact Us 

Contact us for any questions or inquiries regarding PhotoModeler products.