Advanced Features

Details of some extra functionality provided by the AR Framework

Marker Recovery Mode

This feature allows for quicker re-detection if a marker is lost as well as making it easier to re-detect the marker from shallower angles and greater distances.

While this is a feature that we recommend everyone should generally enable, it is worth noting that using this feature will require a fraction more CPU power than usual, so it may be worth turning off on especially low power devices.

Marker Recovery Mode can be enabled via the Image Tracker and is applied to all trackables.

Extended Detection & Tracking

This feature allows trackables to be extended by automatically creating new markers from the surrounding scene. This means that after being expanded, trackables can be detected and tracked from much further away, as the surrounding environment is gradually learned. Unlike switching to markerless tracking to extend the range of a trackable, this is drift-free and supports re-detection using the new markers.

Extended Detection & Tracking can be enabled on a per-trackable basis.

Extended Tracking should only be used with completely stationary markers, such as posters. If a marker is moved, the extensions will no longer be accurate and tracking will be lost.


Automatic Cropping

This feature automatically finds the most useful sub-region of a trackable image and uses it for tracking and detection. This allows images which contain large borders to be used without sacrificing tracking resolution. Cropping is automatic and makes no difference to how the trackable objects are used, so the tracked region will never look cropped.

Automatic Cropping can be enabled on a per-trackable basis when the trackable is being created.