Details of Kudan’s licensing prices


Using Kudan’s framework is completely free. You can develop and publish apps for iOS and Android using any of our frameworks. To generate a free key, register an account on our website and enter your Bundle ID here.

The Business license for independent developers and small teams is USD $1,300, though additional options are available. For more information, see our pricing page.

Publishing Apps

As mentioned above, publishing your app is completely free, as long as you generate a free key on our website for your Bundle ID. The only stipulation is that free keys that have been generated on the website will come with a Watermark to show that your app is powered by Kudan technology.

If you want to publish your app without a watermark, you will need to purchase a license and receive a watermark-free license key for your Bundle ID.

Each license is unique to a Bundle Identifier, so as long as both apps are using the same Bundle ID, you can use one license for both iOS and Android.

Each license is only for 1 Bundle ID. If you want to purchase licenses for several apps in bulk, you can opt for the volume license. Please contact us for the volume license to buy multiple licenses at a discounted price.


When you purchase a standard license, it will be valid for one year after the date of purchase. After this year is up, the key will expire. Please contact us to get a longer license. Standard license purchases are always valid for exactly 1 year.

Once your license has expired, your key will become invalid. Any AR scenes in your app will cease to function, but the rest of your app will be unaffected.