Video Playback

Common questions about playing videos in the AR frameworks

What video formats are supported?

We support any format that is natively supported. Information for different platforms can be found on the following pages:

Supported Video Formats on iOS.

Supported Video Formats on Android.

Supported Video Formats in Unity.

Overall, using .mp4 is recommended, as it can be used across all platforms and provides very good compression.

What guidelines are there for encoding videos?

HD videos are fully supported. AR is rendered at 30fps so exceeding this framerate has no benefit. Framerates as low as 24fps are often imperceptible and can result in a much smaller video file size.

What are alpha videos?

Alpha videos are videos with a transparency channel. These are especially useful in AR where it is desirable to have the camera background behind.

I have a green screened video, how do I use it as an alpha video?

The video must be chroma keyed in software such as AfterEffects and exported as a series of transparent PNGs. The SDK provides a tool for converting these to a video.

My marker is poor and the loss of tracking causes video audio to stutter. Is there anything I can do?

Videos have a jitter threshold that can be set which causes the audio to continue playing across momentary losses of tracking.

Can I make my video go full screen?

Yes, the ARFullScreenManager has been implemented in the iOS SDK.

Can I use video nodes with the Unity plugin?

As of Unity 5.6, the engine has a new video playback API, which can be used to play videos on mobile devices. Kudan’s Unity Plugin V2.0 takes full advantage of this new API.