Kudan AR SDK Demo for Android

Technical Android Demos

Android Samples

The sample video is for iOS, however, Kudan provides common features for Android as well as iOS.

Click [Download Marker] and print out the image to use as a marker.
※ Multiple marker demo allows the use of simultaneous use of multiple markers.

Tracking features:
Markerless, Gyro, Extended Tracking

Rendering features:
Marker Picker, Video on Texture, Alpha Video, Texture Morphing, 3D Model, Animation and Occlusion, Panorama, Dynamic Lighting and various material rendering features

Download Markers

Additional Android Feature

AR CMS Demo for Android

KudanAR is CMS platform agnostic. It can be used with a CMS that is very simple, as per our example, or with more complex systems such as Wordpress or even Adobe CMS.

Sample project can be downloaded via GitHub.

500 album markers

Other Demos

In addition to Android demos, Kudan provides iOS and Unity demos.

Contact us for any questions, inquiries regarding Kudan AR SDK.

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