Nippon Television Network Corporation | 24-Hour Television Smartphone MR App

This app is an official Smartphone MR App provided by "24-Hour Television 41" of Nippon TV.

"24-Hour Television Smartphone MR App" can let the performers of the program appear in the place you tapped on the smartphone screen.

This app has four attractive features.

AR Scene Examples

AR Technology

Use Case:
Charity Events

Charity Program


Markerless tracking

  • Gyro placement

Marker-based tracking

  • Image recognition


2D model rendering

  • Interactive

3D model rendering

  • Interactive

Other Features:

  • T-shirt Logo Reading

Program Information

Production: Nippon Television Network Corporation
Program Name: 24-Hour Television "Love Saves the Earth"
Official App: 24-Hour Television Smartphone MR App
App Detail Page URL:

*This app was designed for a limited time use only, and currently not available for downloads.


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