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@AR is a comprehensive platform that lets you create, deliver, and view the latest AR media contents. Its simple UI allows a user-friendly, intuitive operation. Combining the strengh of MegaHouse; as a system developer, IP/character coordinator, and hardware manufacturer; and ELECOM; as a overall business planner, hardware developer, and marketer; @AR is now available to everyone.

@AR consists of three major components: @AR Player, @AR Station, and @AR Studio.

@AR Player is a free viewer app for the AR media contents delivered by ELECOM. It makes the AR content viewing easier by supporting both iOS and Android devices without alienating majority of the smartphone users.

@AR Station is a content management system that lets you register your AR media contents to be delivered through @AR Player. It is a browser-base app and registration does not require installation of any kind. Once your content is registered, data would be uploaded and stored in the cloud automatically.

@AR Studio is a service that helps users create original AR contents that suit their needs by providing consulting, editing contents professionally, or developing OEM app.

AR Display Examples

Sample Video

AR Technology

Use Case:
AR Service Platform



Markerless tracking

  • Gyro placement

Marker-based tracking

  • Image recognition


HD video playback

  • Alpha channel
  • Video-in-texture

3D model rendering

  • Animation
  • Interactive

2D model rendering

  • Image
  • Graphics

Other Features:

  • Live camera feed
  • HD photo capture
  • Social media integration

iOS Version (App Store)

Android Version (Google Play)


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