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scale post viewer AR is an app that enables real-size display of products from online shopping site on user's AR camera.

It is easier to feel the actual size when you can compare new clothes, glasses, or bags with a picture of you. You can picture what your room will look like when you place an AR image of new furniture and home appliances. scale post is an innovative app that grants such wishes.

scale post is available to the public and has been applied to other services by small businesses and major organizations. scale post received an "eiicon award" at ASCII Connected Industries Award in 2018.

As one of the services, "TAG LABEL," Bic Camera's original brand in collaboration with amadana, utilizes scale post to let users display TAG LABEL's home appliances in real-size AR. Scan the QR code of their products from Bic Camera's official website and picture what your room will like.

Other use cases can be found on scale post's use case page.

AR Display Examples

AR Technology

Use Case:
Sales and promotion
Visualisation and demonstration



Marker-based tracking

  • Image recognition


2D model rendering

  • Interactive

Other Features:

  • QR code scanning

Company Information

Company Name: Hinata Designs

CEO: Yoshihiro Otani

URL: www.hinatadesigns.jp

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