High-performance charting controls for .NET and Web


Visual Studio Charting Component for .NET

LightningChart is entirely GPU accelerated and performance optimized charting components for presenting massive amounts of data ‒ more than 1 Billion data points real-time.

It is developed for professional high-speed software dealing with real-time data acquisition and representation, utilizing CPU and memory resources efficiently. This provides an unmatched performance to your application.

See the performance comparison with other charting components here.

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The Highest‑Performance JavaScript Charting Library

Comes with an outstanding execution performance. Monitor dozens of data feeds simultaneously using high data rates. Used in applications for trading, engineering, aerospace, medicine and other fields.

The performance result on eight (8) different chart series with a variety of devices, including desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices is available on our resource page.

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LightningChart is trusted by world’s leading companies

LightningChart’s clients come from 42 industries and 56 countries all over the world. They include small companies, international corporations, research institutes and governmental organisations. For the list of clients using LightningChart products, please refer to Reference Customer page.

Contact us for any questions, inquiries regarding LightningChart SDK.

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