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LightningChart v.9 Getting Started

  • Installation, demo application, source code, etc...

LightningChart v.9 User Manual

  • In-depth instruction to help you generate the charts you need.

LightningChart JS v.1 API Documentatioin

  • Installation, example usage, animations...

Online Tutorial

This tutorial is designed for students, faculty, and practitioners to introduce the basics of dynamic, interactive data visualizations for .NET using LightningChart library. These materials are targeted at programmers from different levels from Novice to Professional who are enthusiastic about high-performance computer graphics.


Arction's .NET charts performance comparison page introduces reference articles to show LightningChart .NET's high performance based on tests.

  • Billion data points scrolling line plot performance
    A demo of LightningChart’s unmatched scrolling line plot performance. Scrolling line plot of BILLION (1,000,000,000) data points or even more.

    Download demo and Visual Studio project here.

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  • LightningChart vs. SciChart Benchmark 2016
    In the beginning of 2016 SciChart made a Benchmark where they compared SciChart v.4 performance against LightningChart v.6.5.1.

    They claimed “SciChart is up to 8x faster than LightningChart”.

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Performance tester results page introduces data on the performance of LightningChart JS based on tests.

  • LightningChart JS performance tester results July 2019
    The Performance Tester results were composed of eight (8) different chart series with a variety of devices, including desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices. The browsers were set to full screen and charts to simplest appearance. All the results come from performance test on 15th of July 2019 with the newest browser versions.

    Download the full report of the test here.

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Support Forum

Arction Support Forum is a place for LightningChart SDK related Q&A, news, blog, and bug reports.