Unity Plugin バージョン履歴

Kudan AR Unity Plugin のリリースノート

Unity プラグインの最新バージョンは V1.8.0 です。

最新の Unity バージョン 2020.1.5 で動作検証済みです。

Unity プラグインは、Unity バージョン 2017 以降と互換性があります。


Unity Plugin 1.8.0 – 11th September 2020
Add support for Unity 2019 and 2020.
Add support for iOS 14 Beta.
Add support for Android 11.

Unity Plugin 1.7.0 – 26th December 2019
Added maximum number of trackables which can be tracked at the same time.
– SetMaximumSimultaneousTracking

Unity Plugin 1.6.0 – 12th July 2019
Updated Kudan CV with 64bit build.
Change default Bundle ID.

Unity Plugin 1.5.1 – 11th September 2017
Updated Kudan CV.
Fixed issue with depth testing.
Fixed issue with gyro not updating after marker tracking.

Unity Plugin 1.5 – 14th December 2017
Fixed tracking issue on Nexus 5X devices

Unity Plugin 1.4 29th December 2016
Added Autocrop functionality https://wiki.kudan.eu/Automatic_Cropping
Added Extended Tracking and Detection functionality https://wiki.kudan.eu/Extended_Markers
Refactored the Tracker classes to now only use a single Tracker class rather than have platform specific versions

New API License Keys are being introduced with this release. Please check https://wiki.kudan.eu/Development_License_Keys for new license keys

Unity Plugin 1.3 16th September 2016
Added Marker Recovery Mode to all of the supported platforms
Android library was built against the latest libpng to ensure Google Play continues to accept uploads
Fixes issue where downloading JPEG images from the web would not load them in an iOS project due to libjpeg
Fixed issue with Unity 5.4 exporting Xcode projects that would not compile
Fixed incorrect projection matrix when scene is loaded from another scene in portrait orientation

Unity Plugin 1.2.2 23rd June 2016
Fixed crashes in apps using multiple scenes on iOS.
Improved tracking lag in both Marker and Markerless based trackers.
Fixed camera not restoring on app refocus in Android.

Unity Plugin 1.2.1 – Stable 7th June 2016
Play Mode on OS X and Windows should now work regardless of the selected mobile platform
Added inline documentation

Unity Plugin 1.2 – Stable 2nd June 2016
Added orientation support for Portrait, PortraitUpsideDown and LandscapeRight on iOS and Android.
Added FloorDepth parameter in MarkerlessTracking to set Markerless floor depth.
Fixed inconsistency in Markerless floor depth in iOS and Android.

Unity Plugin 1.2 – Beta 3rd May 2016
Added the new Play Mode feature support which works with Markers
Added multi-marker tracking
Added awesome new samples & prefabs to play with
Improved tracking robustness and performance
Improved detection performance in dark environments

Unity Plugin 1.1.3 11th January 2016
Fixed issue where gyroscope would fail to initialise on certain Android devices, causing incorrect pose orientation.

Unity Plugin 1.1.2 6th January 2016
Fixed issue related to importing the Unity package on Windows

Unity Plugin 1.1.1 5th January 2016
Fixed intermittent issue on some iOS devices which caused the camera and FastSLAM tracking to lose synchronisation.
SLAM Release